Wednesday, April 1, 2020

New Coronavirus Patients Attended Meetings in Pentagon, Air Force One Base

Two people have tested positive for coronavirus after attending meetings inside the Pentagon.

“An active-duty airman and an Air Force contractor who both visited the Pentagon in recent weeks have tested positive for the coronavirus, the Air Force said Friday, in the first confirmed cases of the virus inside the world’s biggest office building,” The Hill reports.

The unidentified airman works for the Defense Health Agency in nearby Falls Church, Va.  The individual was in a meeting in the Pentagon Mar. 16 and soon after began exhibiting symptoms. He or she has received medical treatment and is quarantined at home.

The contractor was in the Pentagon Mar. 2, also soon began exhibiting symptoms. Also unidentified, he or she has been quarantined at home since Mar. 5.

Just before being diagnosed and quarantined, he or she attended an event at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where Air Force One is kept. The Air Force has informed everyone who attended the event so they can monitor and test for coronavirus.

“The Pentagon said there has been a total of 124 military-related coronavirus cases, including 67 service members, 15 civilians, 26 dependents and 16 contractors,” The Hill reports.

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Michael Brigham
Michael Brigham
Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


  1. The plasma from patients who’ve recovered from the Wuhan Virus should be able to be used as a temporary vaccine – trying it is worth the try.

    • They are now studying the antibodies from those who beat the virus to assist in helping those who are ventilated. The problem with this virus, nobody knows if you can have a relapse as some do with certain flu strains. It is impirtant for those who beat it to fight extra hard to not have a recurrence of the virus. This is a nightmare! I think the Chinese people are not at fought, but their evil government is for making their own people ill to test lab created viruses then releasing it upon the world to become the most powerful in the world. They hate the US and will do anything they can to destroy us. Ironically, the masks we are getting from other countries are mostly coming from China.

      • True. They think we should give a big chumk of the money to PLANNED PARENTHOOD and THE KENNEDY CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS!! This was just some of the crap NONSENSE PELOSI and her DEMONCRATS had stuck on the bottom of what President Trump was signing to help Americans during this nightmare. This is why he did not sign it at first. It was over 3 trillion with the pork attached and most was not helping us. He read the whole thing before he signed and said NO! After it was cleaned and only money to help Americans bringing it to 2 trillion after the fat was trimmed. Thank you Mr. President!

    • thats great but to many Dr.s are prescribing it to people that are not sick to the point to where there is not enough for the people that needs it including those that have to have it long term and this is not right

        • Carol, that case is one of the cases where kaiser permanente, denied a lupus patient her hydroxychloroquin, due to the present emergency! problem is that if she doesn’t get it she could have a lupus flare up, disrupting her immune system, allowing chinese corona virus to get in and her then to succumb. Thank the god that kaiser is a kalifornicator bunch and not much else.

      • It might be worth mentioning, that Chloroquine is also used to treat Lupus and some forms of Arthritis, so it’s not like this is some unproven, untested, off-the-wall experimental drug

        • I was put on chloroquine and later numped to Hydrachloroquine for Lupus and Arthritic conditions. There is a side effect that it can dsmage the retinas. I was taken off of it for that reason, but it was helpful. They have been giving it to HIV positive patients to prevent full blown AIDS. It has been given for malaria and some forms of leprosy.

      • Chloroquine can be used as an off label drug. The companies that make it are working to get it made and to the hospitals. It is touted as a hopeful drug and seems to be working for certain patients but not proven to work among some.

      • I’m taking hydroxychloroquine for Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Autoimmune Disease (UCTAD) and have worried that it may become difficult to refill my prescription.

        NOTE: The drug has a nasty Black Box Warning relating to potentially lethal respiratory impairment when the standard antibiotics for H.Pilori are administered. It also requires that patients see a retina specialist, to have 3-D images taken as a “before” shot, and followed up with more images taken every six months to watch for dangerous deterioration of the retina, which could lead to blindness. So, it could kill you or blind you — it is not like popping a Baby Aspirin every night for heart health.

  2. Very poor headline in the email: “Infected US Soldier Should’ve Known Better Than to Do This” – as the story indicates, neither person who subsequently tested positive for the virus was aware of their illness at the point of attending the meeting. Even a passing understanding of the coronavirus would help the writer to realize that these individuals had no way of knowing if they were infected. I am extremely tired of such “bait headlines” from AmericanActionNews.

    • Agreed! If they developed symptoms AFTER they attended the meetings, they how could they haven ‘known better’? Now if someone who ALREADY HAS symptoms intentionally attends a meeting, then that person (IF they can be identified) should probably be charged with something, depending on how many people they infect and how severely. After all, this virus CAN BE deadly (I’m saying “can be” instead of “is”, because going by the latest worldwide numbers, more people have recovered from it than the number of people who have died…let’s hope it stays that way too).

  3. I was put on chloroquine and later bumped to Hydrachloroquine for Lupus and Arthritic conditions. There is a side effect that it can damage the retinas. I was taken off of it for that reason, but it was helpful. They have been giving it to HIV positive patients to prevent full blown AIDS. It has been given for malaria and some forms of leprosy.

  4. FACTS:
    More people are dying from FLU.
    2. More people are dying from drunk drivers
    3. Only one child under 15 (in China) has died from Corona. So this is not about saving children
    4. It is a bad cold. Let everyone get it and get over it.
    5. This most surely is about bringing down the economy. IF you fear for the elderly, Keep them at home. Let the young people work.
    Since they won’t, this is about destroying the economy and hurting Trump.


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