Monday, July 6, 2020

CAN’T-MISS: This Weekend’s Most Insane Riot Videos

Out of control…

Wikimedia Commons

Protests have spiraled out of control in several large cities across America in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Watching the news often gives the impression that American is at a low ebb. While we’ve faced worst trials in the past, the convergence of a deadly pandemic, economic suffering inflicted by surreal lockdowns, and the continued presence of police brutality combined in news coverage today can leave even the most level-headed media connoisseur despondent.

But it’s our job to bring the news to you. Raw and unfiltered, so you can see firsthand what’s happening on the ground. Besides the chaotic footage, there are slivers of hope as well, from peaceful protesters standing up to Antifa thugs to local police in Flint, Michigan marching hand-in-hand with those protesting.

Here’s the rest of the story the media isn’t reporting!



  1. Bow and arrow? Never. I have a glock 21 and several 35 round clips. And if they had come after me, they would be dead. Folks, if you don’t stop this, they will get worse. Don’t let them get within 10 feet before putting lead on target. And the way things are now, you need to get a lot more magazines.

  2. Make sure you have a voice???? This is one stupid cop. There is NO voice needed now. The nation knows what happened. Floyd had a heart condition and his death was cause when he interacted with LEOs. The protests now are NOT about getting something done. They ARE about rioting, STEALING, attacking and destroying. There is no need for any more protests. But there is a need for armed Americans to pull down on and remove the criminals from our midst before they destroy what is left from the destruction by the LOCKDOWN.


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