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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, the host of “Morning Joe” interviewed the whiny Hillary Clinton about Governor DeSantis sending two planes full of illegal immigrants to the ritzy Martha’s Vineyard vacation destination.  Hillary said that this was human trafficking.  Governor DeSantis shot back accusing her of virtue signaling.  Martha’s Vineyard is a popular vacation destination for the Clinton family.  As Hillary whined about her overrun vacation destination, Governor DeSantis slapped back.


Massachusetts Democrats, including representatives from Martha’s Vineyard, condemned DeSantis for using illegal immigrants as “political pawns,” suggesting the city is struggling to take care of migrants.

Some liberal media figures like Jonathan Chait and CBS’ “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert have boasted the situation has shown the benevolence of progressives, however.

“What happens? The doors of the churches fly open. The doors of the community halls fly open, and the people of Martha’s Vineyard are so grateful to be able to lend a helping hand,” Scarborough told Clinton, adding he knew she loved the ritzy enclave “very much.” Among the island’s part-time residents are the Obamas.

CNN reported, shortly before Clinton’s 2016 presidential election defeat, that Martha’s Vineyard residents hoped she would spend part of her summer vacations there if she won the White House.

Read more at Fox News.

Hillary Clinton isn’t a fan of Republican Governors sending illegal immigrants to places that claim to want them so badly. Ron DeSantis is currently #2 to Donald Trump for Republicans on the Presidental ticket, and Hillary Clinton is trying to get any political points the Democrats can get to strike down Ron DeSantis.

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