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The Roman Catholic Arch-Bishop of San Francisco has now taken the unprecedented step of officially banning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from receiving communion in any church in his jurisdiction.

The move reportedly comes in response to Pelosi’s recent vote to codify Roe vs. Wade into law.

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone made the announcement on Twitter on Friday:

The move comes as the Supreme Court prepares to soon issue an official ruling on a Mississippi case in which many court watchers expect the body to finally strike down Roe vs. Wade, sending the issue of abortion back to the states.


  1. Although I’m not a Catholic I applaud the Bishop’s actions. As far as I’m concerned he ought to extend it to every last Catholic politician in this country who supports abortion. And every other Bishop in the country needs to follow his example.

  2. About damn time! Back in the day, Biden, Pelosi, and the rest of the Judas Catholics would not only have been barred from communion, but would have been ex-communicated!

  3. It should’ve been done a long time ago to Pelosi and to Biden. As a Catholic, I do not recognize them as being part of my Religion and Beliefs

  4. Thank goodness a Catholic Bishop finally has the courage to take action over politicians and Abortion. I hope priests in Delaware are taking notice. Too many in the Catholic Church say one thing but take no action when it applies to someone “important”. Thank you Archbishop Cordileone. God continue to bless you.

  5. It’s well past time for Pelosi to be banned from receiving Communion. She has been promoting religious scandal for years.

  6. It is to be hoped that for the salvation of her soul, Pelosi sees her error, confesses it in the sacrament of Holy Penance, and changes her ways both publicly and privately.
    This letter from Archbishop Salvatore, is a helpful, charitable chastisement.

  7. Every human being is a spiritual being. To kill an unborn child is actually attacking GOD.

  8. All my life I knew the Catholic Church holds to the Biblical view of the sanctity of human life. My father was Catholic, my mother and I were Southern Baptist’s .

  9. The Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone is only 60 million dead American babies too late. What took so long to do the only right thing concerning Nancy Pelosi and all Catholics that promote abortions?

    Now the Democrats are even promoting infanticide, since the Democrats say the mother can decide to kill her baby when it has survived outside her womb after a botched and failed abortion.

    The Democrats already promote Euthanasia, and the Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone has said nothing about that, I guess the number of dead American seniors, through assisted suicide, must reach that magical number of 60 million before Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone does anything about Euthanasia.

  10. Thank you Archbishop Cordileone. This has been a long time coming and we, as the Church, must begin standing up for what is right..the teachings of God. Nancy Pelosi, along with too many other “Devout Catholics” have brought too much scandal down onto the Church. It is time this is nipped in the bud. God Bless You for your strength.

  11. Good! The Bishop is correct in this decision! Piglosi “ touts” her religion for political points, otherwise she could care less about the rights of the unborn, or anyone! She is an evil person and should be excommunicated!

  12. Good maybe she will examine her own heart. Repent before you have to face God on judgement day.

  13. Finally the Catholic priests/churches are standing up for our Catholic doctrines that we ALL must adhere to regardless of status in life!! Pope Francis needs to step up and openly condemn Biden and Pelosi for their views which are in direct conflict with the Catholic Church and it’s teachings. Now let’s see if they also ban Biden from communion for his views/policies that he backs which is also against the Catholic doctrines.

  14. Good for him!! Now if only they would do that to Biden!
    Though if ya ask me, Pelosi sold her soul a LONG time ago!

  15. The last straw for this major step by Archbishop Corleone may have come when Pelosi backed the radical bill, going well beyond Roe v. Wade, that (among other things) would have removed the right of pro-life medical professionals to refuse to participate in abortion. This blow to freedom of religion was defeated by a very small margin in the Senate.

    Drastic action was called for, and one should not be surprised at the message from the Archbishop to Pelosi, reported yesterday in Business Insider:

    “I communicated my concerns to you via letter on April 7, 2022, and informed you there that, should you not publically repudiate your advocacy for abortion ‘rights’ or else refrain from referring to your Catholic faith in public and receiving Holy Communion, I would have no choice but to make a declaration, in keeping with canon 915, that you are not to be admitted to Holy Communion,” the archbishop writes.

  16. I thought the Catholic Pope, Cardinals and Priests were banned from giving communion because of the 75 year old child sex pedophilia racket coverup?

  17. I thought the Catholic Pope, Cardinals and Priests were banned from giving communion because of the 75 year old child pedophilia racket coverup?

  18. It is about time the church grew a pair; don’t stop there you have the President, and other law makes that need to be banned from receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ!

  19. She’s reaping what she’s sown. What do you think an Archbishop should do to someone who confesses herself as a practicing Catholic and yet, is transgressing not only the Catholic Church, but the Word of God and is as high profile as the Speaker of the House of Representatives? She is not only disgracing herself, but the Church of Jesus Christ as a whole. I’m not Catholic, but I wholeheartedly agree with the Archbishop and think she should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. She has no remorse for the murder of babies in the womb and in fact, perpetuates the slaughter. Her hands are bloodied with these innocent baby’s blood. God will have his vengeance as it says in Deut. 32:35. Nancy is no spring chicken so she better start thinking about the other side of life on earth, repent and confess her sin or she might not have the opportunity before she dies. We will see if she rather receive the praise of men (women) for her stance for abortion or God’s voice saying, “Well done, servant of the Lord”. Even though I dislike Nancy Pelosi immensely for all her leftist stances and big government views, the blood of Jesus Christ can make her white as snow if she will repent from her heart and confess her sin publicly, but only Jesus Christ will know that.

  20. Good for him. Why did the Pope not do the same thing when sleepy joe biden visited the Vatican? Hmmm. BUDDIES! Italy was implicit in the 2020 election FRAUD!

  21. I am grateful someone has a conscience and this is great news Unfortunately she is out of line and shows how she does not care for life. The truth be told the church may be putting its morals back into the proper perspective. Good show Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Jesus is happy where you are and what you have done

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