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“Every Day Is Jan. 6 Now.”

That was the headline over the editorial of 1,000 words in The New York Times of Sunday last.

On first read, I thought the Times was conceding its obsession and describing its mission. For the editorial began by bewailing yet anew the “horrifying” event, “the very real bloodshed of that awful day,” the “once-unthinkable trauma.”

Still, a year later, said the Times, “the Republic faces an existential threat,” as the “Capitol riot … continues in statehouses across the country, in a bloodless, legalized form that no police officer can arrest and that no prosecutor can try in court.”

“We should stop underestimating the threat facing the country. … (our) democracy … is in grave danger.”

What the Times is saying is that the electoral reforms being enacted democratically in red states — requiring voter IDs, for example, and subject to judicial review — are a Republican continuation of the Capitol riot.

Why cannot our liberal media let it go? Why does the distortion and hysteria about Jan. 6 seem to grow with each retelling?

Now, undeniably, as I wrote in a column the next morning, Jan. 6 was “The Worst of Days for Trump & Trumpists.”

“The worst of the day’s events for Trump came when a segment of a friendly crowd of 50,000 he just addressed concluded its march down the Mall to the U.S. Capitol by smashing its way into the building and invading and occupying the Senate and House chambers.

“Members of Congress were forced to flee and hide. A protester, an Air Force veteran, was shot to death by a Capitol cop. Vice President Mike Pence, who was chairing the joint session, was taken into protective custody by his Secret Service detail. Doors were broken open. Windows were smashed, and the building was trashed …

“What Americans watched was a mob occupation and desecration of the temple of the American Republic.” I added, “And the event will be forever exploited to discredit not only Trump but the movement he led and the achievements of his presidency.”

That last line understated what an obsession Jan. 6 has become for the nation’s establishment and media elite.

The left cannot let go of Jan. 6. Indeed, it has fixated upon, exploited and exaggerated the riot to discredit and destroy the Trump presidency in the history books and to prevent Donald Trump from ever running or being elected president again.

Though Trump was exonerated by the Senate of the impeachment charge brought by Nancy Pelosi’s House, the House select committee wants to try Trump again and again in the court of public opinion and wants President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice to find some crime with which to charge and convict him.

There are other reasons the left cannot let go of Jan. 6.

Democrats have no other issue on which to run this November.

The Biden presidency has produced an uninterrupted string of disasters: the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, the Texas border crisis, inflation, an explosion of gun violence and murders setting records in Democrat-run cities, failure to produce an adequate federal response to the delta and omicron waves of COVID-19.

Again, Jan. 6 was a riot, involving assaults on Washington and Capitol cops and the disruption of a formal congressional procedure to validate the electoral vote victory of Joe Biden.

But was Jan. 6 really the planned coup, the terrorism, the sedition, the armed insurrection, the attempt to overthrow the U.S. government?
Was Jan. 6 really comparable to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, during each of which 3,000 Americans went to their deaths in an hour’s time and major wars followed — as Vice President Kamala Harris said yesterday?

If so, why, a year after Jan. 6, 2021, has no one been charged with inciting a rebellion, sedition, treason, armed insurrection, plotting a coup, or a takeover of the government of the United States?

Thus far, all the charges prosecuted and punished are consistent with a riot, which is what Jan. 6 was. Comparisons of this three-hour mob action to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are almost sacrilegious.

Was that QAnon shaman occupying the chair in the Senate chamber really the moral equivalent of Mohamed Atta ramming an airliner into the World Trade Center or Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto plotting the Dec. 7 surprise attack on Pearl Harbor?

Another reason for the left to paint up the horror of that day is that the perpetrators of Jan. 6 were not the radical left who battled cops and burned and looted Seattle, Portland, Milwaukee and scores of other cities in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing.

They were the “deplorables” of Trump, the populists of the American right, against whom any slander is justified.

Question: If the left is so terrified of Trump it feels it must prevent him from even running again, by imposing a criminal conviction, what does that say about the left’s belief in American democracy?

What does that tell us about the left’s trust in the people?

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of AmericanActionNews.com

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.” To find out more about Patrick Buchanan and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators website at www.creators.com.

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Virginia Bailey
Virginia Bailey
1 year ago

I wish those of us who REALLY appreciate our 2 party system would begin to call the other Party by a name that fits it. There is NO Democatic party anymore, AMEN!! This group of power mongers need to be called what they are either greedy or underhanded trying to destroy oour individual freedoms. It really is as simple as that. Otherwise, they would welcome good discussion and open approaches to ID voting. Also, the Republican ‘ins’ are not doing this Nation a service either by not have the guts to stand up to them. Get the younger people in who know our history and let’s begin again. Prove who you are and VOTE FOR THE CONSTITUTION.

Tilly Barry
Tilly Barry
1 year ago

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1 year ago

Common sense is cancelled.
The left is a terrorist organization.
Democrats are so old they have lost perspective.
They stay in congress until they dry up and fly away in the wind.
If they knew how old and stupid they look and act they certainly would leave and spend a few months with their families.
We now need a leader more than ever before, and that leader is president Trump.
All the nonsense is not convincing any American with 1/2 brain.

Darius Medina
Darius Medina
1 year ago
Reply to  Lwasylb

Absolutely right. Trump provided crucial leadership that benefited this country. The democratic complaints now are solely on stopping Trump from running again while maintaining democratic control of elections, as evidenced in the last election with the “irregularities” that resulted in the election of a senile old man as president, whose actions are dictated by his “handlers” in order to perpetuate democratic control by enabling illegal aliens to vote in our elections.

1 year ago

The writer hits things on the head, those in the Democratic Party and their supporters do think that the rest of America are “Trumps Deplorables ” as they are still crying foul about the defeat of Hillary.( As has been seen more and more of from the Wicked Witch herself ) I’m waiting for Pelosi and Schiff for brains to try to pass a law to keep Trump or anyone that thinks like a free American from ever running for office . ” Trumps Law ” will make it a first degree Felony to try to run for President , unless they have held public office for a min of 10 years, they must be a member of the Democratic Party, and a member of the Nancy Pelosi fan club. Between her loyal followers in the House and The RHINOS she has under her control. All she’ll need to do is Treaten to show everyone her underware, of which then everyone gets sick and they ( The Democrats ) win by default