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The White House wants at least $30 billion to help resettle Afghan refugees and aid recovery efforts after a number of natural disasters rocked the country in recent weeks.

“This money is certainly critical … to make sure that we are fulfilling this bipartisan commitment to our Afghan allies and partners,” a senior administration official commented on Tuesday. 

The Biden Administration wants congress to earmark $6.4 billion to resettle Afghan refugees in the United States, a minimum of $10 billion to deal with devastation caused to multiple states by Hurricane Ida, and a reported $14 billion to deal with floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

The administration estimates 65,000 Afghan refugees will be transported into the country by the end of September, with an additional 30,000 anticipated to arrive within a year, after evacuating 124,000 people from Kabul in August. 

The refugee cash request will be used for humanitarian aid, security screening, vaccinations and public health screenings for incoming Afghans. 

“The operation to move out of danger and to safety tens of thousands of Afghans at risk, including many who helped us during our two decades in Afghanistan, represents an extraordinary military, diplomatic, security, and humanitarian operation by the U.S. Government,” said acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, Shalanda Young.

The $10 billion the White House requested for Ida is a preliminary number as the damage caused by the hurricane to Louisiana, New York, and New Jersey continues to be assessed.

“We fully expect that Hurricane Ida will significantly increase the need for disaster response funding by at least $10 billion,” the official remarked. “And while it will take time to assess the damage and to arrive at a more specific estimate, we are committed to working with Congress to address those needs as well.”

 The funds will also cover damage caused by natural disasters in the last year, including hurricanes Laura and Delta, California fires El Dorado, Camp Fire, and August Complex, and the earthquake in Puerto Rico.

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1 year ago

Let the Demorcratic Party pay this bill for the refugees.

1 year ago

They are requesting these monies for security screening, vaccinations and public health screenings for incoming Afghans. AFTER they are already here? HELL NO! Its to damn late you morons! The criminal and infested will already be here, what the hell are you thinking????