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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced that he would back any bill that crossed his desk which would seek to ban transgender surgeries for children.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis, asked this week if he would sign a bill banning transgender surgeries for minors, answered succinctly, “That would be something that I would sign for sure.” He also targeted “woke” corporations, asserting, “They tend to genuflect before whatever the most recent left-wing cause is.”

In an interview with The Daily Caller, DeSantis was asked, “Is Florida interested in passing the kind of legislation banning transgender surgeries for minors?”

“I’m very much opposed to chemical castration of minors,” DeSantis replied. “I think that that’s a really, really— I think, honestly, I didn’t even know that this existed until a few years ago. So that would be something that I would sign for sure.”

“Earlier this year, Florida lawmakers introduced legislation to ban transgender surgeries and procedures for children, titled the Youth Gender and Sexual Identity Act, but the bill died in a Professions & Public Health Subcommittee on April 30,” The Daily Caller noted.

If DeSantis did end up banning transgender surgeries for children, it would be the first such bill to pass in the country and a massive victory for American families.


    1. Right. That should only be done for people that that are legal adults if they want to show stupidity. I think that people should stay male or female. Whatever God made them. People wanting to change their gender is not right in the head

      1. Remember THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU? Secret lab making humans from animals? Is there a parallel here? Idiots fight GMO’s in their food yet worship a similarity in their “companions”. That’s not an earthquake, that’s Satan laughing his tail off in Hades.

        1. Religion aside, the practice of homosexual behaviors is not something society should be admonished to sanction, celebrate or especially involve our government with. I’ll say it again: The human Anus excretes fecal matter from the body after digestion. It is not designed as a sexual orifice. Why we must walk on eggshells around these people confounds me.

      2. If people are that screwed up (Or indoctrinated) about their sexual ‘assignment’, then they need psychological counseling. Of course they can fiddle with their gender choices, but that does not mean we all have to mind our Ps and Qs around those weirdos.

  1. On what planet is it ever ok to castrate a child!!?? Who in their right minds believes it is even ok to tell a little boy or little girl they are not what they were born as, why would anyone EVER treat a child that way?? These people are sick with their “transgender” mind sets!!

    1. I can’t believe what I am reading or seeing. Are they
      All insane. To even think about changing one’s sex
      is beyond stupidity….it’s insane!!

    2. I agree with you in you are born exactly with the gender GOD choose for he has a plan for each individual and that plan started even before you were conceived. And I believe tampering with GOD’S work is a sin that’s just my belief.

  2. Mack Beggs is an American high school wrestler from Texas. Beggs is a trans man, meaning he was assigned female at birth. Texas insists he cannot wrestle as a boy, he must compete in the league for his assigned sex. In 2017, he defeated Chelsea Sanchez in the girls’ league to win the Texas girls’ 110 lb championship. In 2018, he won the second consecutive state title, defeating Chelsea Sanchez again. And he wins every time in between. My suggestion is never allow your daughters to go into sports because they will lose, and may never know why unless they look up their states laws

    1. @Gardener fixer: I’m a bit confused by your post. When you say Mack Beggs was “assigned female at birth”, do you men Mack Beggs was born a male but they (his parents or whoever) decided to officially say he was a female?

      1. Read it again…born female…must compete as female….eventho’ he has taken hormones to give him the strength of a male. I remember all the bruhaha in the Olympics a few years back, when Chinese women were accused of taking hormones to make them stronger….Whatever happened to that righteous indignation…Most people can take a look and know immediately if they are M or F…We need to reinstate Insane Asylums!!!

        1. pstierle, thanks for the explanation. Another thing that confused me is when Gardener fixer (the person I replied to) kept calling that girl a “he”. That girl is NOT a “he”; instead she is a SHE … regardless if she tries to turn her body into male attributes. But you are right, she shouldn’t be taking hormones to give her the strength of a male. I agree with you there. But still, she is a SHE and should not be called a “he”.

  3. I think there may be some individuals seriously affected with genuine gender ambiguity or gender dysphoria, but they likely constitute <2% of any given population. The rest are merely wannabe’s unhappy with their lot in life. Some are the prey of vengeful mothers who are unsatisfied with God’s choice for their child’s gender and wish to change it. Consider that notorious mother in Texas. TODAY some are responding to an insidious campaign by the Left to promote sex reassignment, as embraced by a leftist medical profession. Over 99% of the would-be transsexuals need a chance to think it over until maturity, as the suicide rate of transsexuals is frighteningly high. And there are ‘transsexuals’ who have reverted and regret their irreversible decision to operate.

  4. The Democratic Marxist left are bent on destroying the foundation of this nation’s fundamental family structure. Governor DeSantis please take action now and follow through on your word to BAN transgender surgery on children, for all youth under the age of 21, the age of legal consent, not giving consent to impulsive 18 year old youth. Lift up the standard and hold the line for the future generations of youth in this nation. Thank you

  5. The ruler of this world is shatawn and in his world good is bad and bad is good. shatawns followers are the modern democrats. The democrats and silly liberals do his evil works.

  6. I used to think it was the height of awfulness when parents in benighted foreign lands carved the clitoris out of their baby daughter’s vagina (what they call the “bath”). Not any more. What our laws allow here (and it’s actually controversial!) is far worse, chemically and surgically trying to change a confused little child’s sex, and not even with parental permission. If we don’t stop this, there will be a special place in Hell reserved for all of us.

  7. Every decision Governor DeSantis makes is one I fully support. He governs with intelligence and tons of common sense, a lot like another leader who should legally be our President.

  8. I think that they should transplant their inputs with their outputs and vice versa…show everyone who and what they really are.

  9. “Male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” Genesis 5:2

    One of our biggest problems in the world is the turning away from God. Without God, there is no right or wrong. With God, there is peace.

  10. These surgeries should be banned until these children are older and taught why they are born with the body that God gave them. They are being led down a path of deception that its ok to change your body by denying what the Creator made. Nobody is changing DNA, they are changing outward appearance, and many are messed up in the mind afterwards. Even John Hopkins has elaborated on this.

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