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Several Republican lawmakers are bucking President Trump’s outgoing attorney general, Bill Barr’s recommendation against appointing a special counsel to investigate presumptive President-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. They have publicly stated their request that an independent special counsel be appointed before Joe Biden takes office.

Shortly after the November election, Hunter admitted publicly that he had been informed that there was a federal investigation into his “tax affairs” which began in 2018.

However, other reports show that the federal investigation led by the Delaware U.S. Attorney extends far beyond Hunter’s taxes and includes scrutinizing his byzantine foreign business dealings with countries like China, Russia, and Ukraine for possible fraud and money laundering.

AG Barr expressed his belief that the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office and other federal investigators were doing a professional job, and there was, therefore, no need for a special counsel. Several GOP congressmen disagree and have expressed concerns that an incoming Joe Biden administration would restrain or pressure federal investigators investigating his son and other family members.

Considering the orchestrated Democrat disinformation effort I have written about to discredit the Hunter laptop story as “Russian disinformation,” and Joe Biden’s insistence that the issue is a “smear” against his son, heighten that very real concern.

Most recently, on Monday, Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Ariz., tweeted her support for calls among some of her colleagues on Monday to appoint a special counsel.

Responding to a tweet by fellow Arizona Republican, Rep. Andy Biggs, Lesko said she joined Biggs in calling for a special counsel to look into Hunter Biden. She added that she had sent a letter to the attorney general asking him to do so.

As I have noted before, Hunter Biden has a complex network of international business dealings that accelerated when his father, Joe Biden became vice president in 2008. Hunter even traveled to China and elsewhere with his father on Air Force Two, and reportedly traded on his relationship with his VP father, as did other family members, to ink these favorable deals.

Hunter’s dealings with Chinese state-run companies and Russian oligarchs have raised conflict of interest and national security concerns, while his involvement with Ukrainian energy company Burisma in 2014 has also come under intense scrutiny for the same reasons. His father, Joe Biden, as vice president, was actively involved in U.S. policy toward all these countries, China and Ukraine, in particular.

Though a life-long drug addict, with numerous personal and financial issues, and zero relevant experience, Joe Biden’s son was paid $50,000 per month to serve on the board of Burisma. More recently we have learned of large payments from, and request for payments to, shady Russian and Chinese sources.

A supplemental to the U.S. Senate Report on Hunter Biden, highlighted the extortion and national security concerns before the federal investigation became public. My own article and post on this supplemental were repeatedly censored and blocked by LinkedIn, raising more concerns about the extent Big Media and Big Tech is willing to go to suppress the information.

Appointing an independent special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals while Joe Biden was VP, may be the only way to guarantee the full truth is uncovered under a Biden Administration.

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  1. There should be an investigation, and calls for the impeachment of JOE AND THE HOE immediately. these calls should be LOUD, CLEAR, AND VERY OFTEN!

  2. The entire Biden family Must Be Investigated and Prosecuted, as at least Joe and Hunter Biden are guilty of gaining financially for their Influence peddling of US interests to China and the Ukraine !!! Otherwise, if Obama/Biden and China Prevail Our America Will Be Lost !!!! America will have a Criminal as President !!!! This Fraudulent election has been extremely well planned and carried out so We The People Lose everything To Their Socialistic Agenda !!!

    1. Half of the House is up for election every two years. 4 years after that half of the Senate. The people vote for who they want.

    2. That’s why we need to go ahead and be prepared for World War 3 It’s time to take out all the democrats

  3. Expand to Russia probe etc.
    Have SC send in Teams for probes
    Share info
    Problem: DC Deep Admin state
    No resolutions.

  4. If you don’t have independent Counsel Biden will have his folks cancel the investigation just like he did to a foreigner who was investigating his son. He had him fired and laughed and boasted about it.

  5. It’s past time that the crooks be put to trial. The innocent are lied about and lives are ruined while the corrupt go free.

  6. Multiple ballots will continue until we have Thumb Print Voter ID stored in National Data Base to confirm identity of voters. One vote each, if a second one crops up you get caught!

  7. A ‘Special Counsel’ investigated Trump with far less evidence (he wanted to build a hotel in Moscow)
    than what is known about the Biden’s corruption…If the GOP GOP doesn’t demand an SC…we can only assume many of them are also corrupt.

  8. Joe Biden must not be allowed to take office January 20. If he is allowed he will grant his son a full pardon and this giant scandal and those involved in this taxpayer money grift will never be held to account.

  9. We had the Russian (hoax) investigation instigated and supported by hillary and myriad other Democrats; it is now time to return the favor because it is obvious that his father blackmailed the Ukraine to stop an investigation into the company on whose board Biden sat, even though he had no experience in that industry, commanding an obscene paycheck. For whatever reason, the Democrats have escaped justice and it is well past time to hold their feet to the fire. And WHY has hillary not been prosecuted for her illegal use of private servers while SOS and for using her influence to move the Russian hoax forward when she was the one guilty of using Russians to influence the election outcome?!?!

  10. If Mueller was good for an innocent President Trump then an independent council, I suggest Trey Gowdy, is certainly appropriate for the overtly guilty Hunter, Jim and Joe Biden crime family.

  11. All of this and BARR and the FBI having the Laptop since 2019 and doing nothing about it and Barr too knowing about it and done nothing while they were Impeaching Trump is Treason and knowing of it and the Crimes and Emailing and allowing Joe to go with the Election too is Treason Period Fire all of them and Jail them too including Barr and Durham too

  12. It is not only Hunter Biden but also his Father Joe Biden’s dealings with his extortion against the Ukraine Government and bribery to get the Ukrainian Prosecutor Fired for the $1,Billion American Dollars. Look we are dealing with very evil people and they are the Biden Criminal Family.

  13. Now after an investigation that has been on going since 2018, and not even a grand jury set for Hunter, or any Federal Prosecutor even calling for an indictment into the matter. Then there was the actual lies about what was on the laptops that the Federal Law Enforcement has had for almost two years and Barr has said there is nothing on the laptops to charge anyone with a crime. Accusations are just that, not proof of anything just someone’s opinion because there is no proof of any of the accusations.
    Now the fact is that Trump and his family have the same business dealing with the exact same countries as Hunter has with Trump having 13 companies in China, Trumps daughter has 10 Companies in China, and everything Trumps daughter sells ins made in communist controlled countries, and you do not see them moving their business back here in any way.

  14. Without a doubt, there should be an independent council to investigate the corrupt dealings of the whole Biden family and regardless of current investigations by the US Attorneys Office in Delaware Barr needs to appoint a special council otherwise the investigation(s) will be squashed once crooked Joe takes office.

  15. Notice Biden has not picked his nominee for AG yet. I believe he is waiting to see who wins the Georgia run-off. If the Republicans win he will pick someone who is more moderate so as to get him/her approved by the Senate. If the Democrats win he will chose a more left leaning person.
    If the Democrats win in Georgia I would definitely call for a special counsel as Hunter Biden’s crime will be swept under the rug.
    If the Republicans win in Georgia I would wait as long as I could to see who he picks. If he picks someone who is more moderate, a special counsel may not be needed

  16. I am disappointed in Barr. I had expected better of him. The Biden family certainly need to be investigated! And Joe’s mental competency needs to be evaluated by a competent provisional.

  17. Get the special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden and Joe Biden before sleepy Joe is inaugurated!!!

  18. Shouldn’t a special council be investigating Joe Biden. After all he was the person with a conflict of interests in this fiasco. He allegedly took money under obscure circumstances, and sold his position as VP so that his son might benefit. It seems to me that Hunter was being a good businessman and using his father’s position to enhance and ingratiate himself to the Ukrainians and Chinese. Realistically I think the people should be calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden.

  19. Xiden and the Manchurian candidate Harris should be investigated ASAP! They have been working with China since 2017! How bad does it have to get here for people to wake up to the fact that Xiden is possibly the most corrupt President ever !

  20. And I want it to be televised everyday for weeks like they did all that collusion and impeachment crap…..the whole Biden family put under oath for all the world to see…. there are also other strong witnesses that should be heard….

  21. No doubt that a Special counsel should be appointed to investigate HB and his other deals. Since Barr is no longer AG, President Trump should direct that a SC be appointed it is possible that VP Biden got some of the millions given to Hunter Biden. Please Mr. President step in and help save this Nation from a Biden-Harris or Harris Biden administration.

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