America remains mired in the fight against Covid-19 while millions of its citizens struggle to pay their rent and keep their businesses open. While a surge in cases coupled with flu season is cause for concern, some Democrat leaders are taking full advantage of the virus to impose ridiculous restrictions on their constituents.

These states and their lawmakers are enforcing the strictest protocols yet. 


  1. The American people better wake up soon before our lockdowns become locked in. This whole pandemic was nothing more than to test how governors could control constituents and and destroy the economy and close churches.
    Democrats seem to be obsessed with making these restrictions while exempting themselves from adherence.

      1. I’ve already had enough. I think we need a specific date, say January 1, when millions of people refuse to wear the masks, businesses open up -1000’s of them – and SHOW the government we’re done!

        1. Better be carrying your guns in your hands as you face corrupt BROWN SHIRT LEOs who are going to obey illegal and unconstitutional orders (not even laws) And yes, these are the same cops who will kill you for not wearing a mask but will not touch a violent ANTIFA or BLM.

    1. I knew wa would be here, but for the most part, it’s the lemmings on the west side who are voluntarily participating in this latest bunch of BS from the unlawfully elected democrat gov. On the east side of the Cascades, we do NOT have our heads up our collective a$$. And our sheriffs are the BEST!

    2. The Lock Downs will become more draconian over time. The global elite have told us via predictive programming to expect at least four years in Lock Down:

      “The upcoming movie Songbird is defined as a “pandemic thriller” (is there anything “thrilling” about a pandemic?) taking place in 2024. Directed by Hollywood staple Michael Bay (Transformers, The Purge, A Quiet Place), the movie is about COVID-23 (a mutation of COVID-19) turning America into a dystopian nightmare, complete with quarantine camps. Wikipedia describes the movie’s premise as follows:”

      In 2024, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has mutated and the world is in its fourth pandemic year. Infected Americans are taken from their homes and forced into quarantine camps called Q-Zones, where some fight back against the brutal restrictions. A motorbike courier, Nico, who has a rare immunity, is in a relationship with Sara, a young artist whose lockdown prohibits them from physical contact. When Sara is believed to have become infected, Nico races across the empty streets of Los Angeles in an attempt to save her.

      The “motorbike courier” with the “rare immunity” is indicative of the fact that long distance transport will be done only by driverless trucks.

      Mobility as service, as per Agenda 21, will be driverless taxis & public transportation. While we’re all distracted by elections, BLM, & Democrat crimes, the 5G that will power our replacements is being positioned across the country (and in space, Musk’s SpaceLink).

    1. Interesting characterization, Eve eating the apple hurt mankind badly from then on. This lockdown, well…if we don’t fight back soon it will change America into a Socialist nation, gone are all our hard fought for rights! So yea, they have distinct similarities!

      1. The dems worship china. They have stated that so often. Even since this Wohan virus Pelosi stated several times that the Chinese are good people. I do agree that there are good Chinese citizens but the gov is exactly what the dems want to mirror.

        1. Have you ever been to China to see how the government works, first hand.
          Have you ever been anywhere outside the US?

          1. Have you been outside the U.S. Al? I have and NO country comes near having freedoms as WE do in the U.S. We are losing our freedoms not comparing travel! People need to wake up…

        2. All the Demrat Politicians are in Chinas pocket. The mafia of China, not the ordinary citizens, are evil and very corrupt. And in many States, teh Governors and mayors too! Newsom and Kemp for a start and kemp is supposed to be Republican! Dirty money talks. And that includes the CIA FB, Twitter, Google and U Tube. Dont worry, they are all going down

  2. time for Americans to take back their country from the socialist minded democrats .Be more careful when around others, plus wash your hands .wear you mask when in close areas or inside areas. Don’t be around anyone with a cough or with the sniffles etc.

    1. Check Tucker Carlson’s show today!!!!!The speech by the Chinese minister….They are ready to keep buying the country now they think Biden is in. Why are we supporting the media….they are selling the country and being paid well for that.

  3. Why do Democrats want to force socialism on the American people, because socialism is a method of governance that compels people to serve the state by giving up all their rights and freedoms, and allow the state to control all aspects of their lives.

    What the Democrats are now doing with this pandemic is practicing what they’ll do after they have instituted socialism and destroyed capitalism and free enterprise in the USA, along with destroying the American people’s “Bill of Rights”, which they have been attempting to do for the last two decades.

    Once the Democrats are successful in destroying one right in our “Bill of Rights”, the 2nd Amendment’s right to bear arms for example, the other rights will then fall to them one at a time, as the liberal socialist Democrats have already been restricting our 1st Amendment rights of free speech, religious freedom, and our “Free Press” through their censorship of reporting of the news.

    If Biden becomes President, the American people won’t finally learn of this, they’ll see it first hand, and have to live through it the rest of their lives.

  4. The citizens of Colorado allowed Kalifornia transplants to pollute the voting pool and are now reaping the rewards.

  5. Well I couldn’t agree with you more this is just a test Me personally I am so tired of hearing people say how if they push any further there gonna do this or there going to do that 8 to me to wake up and realise war has been declared against the conservative in this country get their head out of the sand before it is too late Don’t wait until after the next election don’t wait to see what they are going to do next now is the time We need to organise and we need to organise now I say we should start saturdy in Washington DC and we need to yank these politicians who are trying to control us Yank their asses out of their office’s taken to the streets And deal with these traders as war criminals that they are There in bed with these BLM groups in antifa groups who are nothing more than terrorist and they should be held accountable as Accessories to the fact I read last week where someone had threatened a Congressman or something in the got put in gaol for it but what about Johnny Depp and Kathy Gryphon and rocio Donald people like that would be Goldberg who have threatened the president and then they still sit now going to gaol really Freedom is not cheap and never has been never will be the cost is always been the same the payment for our freedom is blood Freedom is not cheap and never has been never will be the cost is always been the same the payment for our freedom is blood Are we willing to pay it or are we going to pass the buck on to our children are there children so they could pay that debt we need to deal with this now It’s just like cancer you have to get it all out can’t leave one cell remaining otherwise it will come back you’ll have to do it again Let’s get rid of the cancer in this country that is killing mother freedom Donald Trump needs to take control of the military while he still in office round these politicians up Donald Trump needs to take control of the military while he still in office round these politicians up Put them in gaol and put the rhinos writing with them No other country in the world would stand for a world leader to be overthrown Where politicians threatening the constituents in which they actually work for like us threatened around us and put us in concentration camps you have all kinds of breads against us we have the right to defend ourselves and we need to do it Where politicians threatening the constituents in which they actually work for like us threatened around us and put us in concentration camps you have all kinds of breads against us we have the right to defend ourselves and we need to do it

  6. This is to you Albert hess i have been around the world I have been in many countries I happen to have friends all over the world Japan Korea South America Europe I think you need a history lesson there Albert I think you need a history lesson there Albert I don’t think you know what socialism Really looks like orwhat it does to people Yes it is true we do have some social programs but that does not make us a socialist country we have never been a socialist country we will never be a socialist country and we especially was never a socialist country prior to 1935 I think you need a history lesson for sure and maybe a little bit of intelligence wouldn’t hurt These people that I wanting socialism These people that I wanting socialism They better watch what they ask for because they just might get it The for those of music don’t know the difference between socialism and capitalism really is pretty darn simple if you think about it Capitalism rewards workers for working where socialism does not another words if you got a bunch of people together in someone to do their job and others don’t well guess what you have to pick up the slack because they just don’t feel like working whereas capitalism if you don’t work for what you want your not going to get that’s on you It’s to prevent lazy people from not working we have enough of that already Hey be like if you had 10 roommates everybody is responsible for a job you all put in your money and your work in your time so that you can all have the same food all have the same bills paid things like that but what if the fare for those people don’t want to do anything then what do you do exactly whereas capitalism if those 3 people don’t want to work the naked left out appear in simple that be a good analogy for your Albert You work for what you want if you don’t want to work and you don’t get nothing it’s a matter of choice Too many lazy people like you just want in 1 and 1 but don’t wanna give nothing I got a question for your Halbert when’s the last time you sacrificed for anything or anybody or this country probably never

  7. Either quartine and give up living or live and give up lock downs, they are absolutely ruining your life and you have no sense to see the difference, WAKE THE HELL UP BEFORE ITS TO LATE. LIVE FREE OR DIE.

  8. So the Colorado gov. is saying you cannot have one person in your house who does not live there. So if your fridge is not working, a repairman cannot enter your home to repair it? EMT personnel cannot enter your home? Where will they go to control us next?

  9. All you have to do is to start shooting the people who make these rediculous laws trying to impose their beliefs and to start to take away your rights !! That’s what they’re wanting to do until they get rid of your rights !! It’s time for another civil war in this country to take back our rights as set down by our founding fathers who seen our rights as a God given right !! Everyone that wants to get rid of the police there should be allowed to !! Who’ll be there to protect them !! That’s when the time to start shooting the law makers !!

  10. A California County Supervisor held a meeting of all the mayors within the County. The mayors were instructed to develop a mechanism for their citizens to report on, snitch on, inform on their neighbors who were violating the rules e.g. not wearing masks, having too many people over to their homes, or going out after curfew. And the mayors seemed enthusiastic about doing this. No one bothered to ask this Supervisor whether she had picked up this idea from the East German Secret Police, or from the former Soviet Union, or perhaps from a study of Joseph Stalin.

    It’s amazing how easily even a little power can corrupt most people.

  11. These mayors and governors did nothing to protect citizens while they were peacefully eating at outside dining when they were attacked by the criminal shout in your face violent protesters. The are just focused on closing schools, small business and churches.
    We will have to fight for our liberty or we will lose it.

  12. Places for businesses to die and for people to die. No matter how lacking in symptoms, the Democrats believe the lies put out by fake testing of COVID in order to destroy our economy.

  13. next year all these nonsense will go away. Ive read the swabs use din testing are faulty! They contain particles of Covid just to bring up “Case numbers” Thats why so many say they dont feel sick! We all have bacteria in our body. Germs are normal Politicians who have signed into teh NWO are absolutely corrupted by money

  14. Lock downs don’t work, go back to work the governor and Mayor work for they are not your boss you are free people last time I looked.

  15. Another unfounded national restriction is the limit of 5 (Colorado) – 10 (Ohio, Arizona, Missouri) people at burials at National Cemetery burial ceremonies. Restriction apparently comes from somewhere in Washington, D. C. These ceremonies are outside, plenty of space to distance. Our veterans and their families deserve better!

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