The United States Supreme Court threatens to extinguish a last-ditch effort by Pennsylvania Republicans to block the certification of Joe Biden’s win in the Keystone State.

Trump allies from Pennsylvania requested the justices void the certification and bar Governor Tom Wolf (D) from transmitting the results to Congress.

That request seems likely to peter out.

Per The Washington Free Beacon:

Two deadlines loom over the dispute. The first is the Dec. 8 “safe harbor” deadline. The second is Dec. 14, when electors will meet to cast electoral votes. Those dates are set in a federal law called the Electoral Count Act.

If a state has finalized its election results by the safe harbor deadline—as Pennsylvania has—the law says that determination “shall be conclusive, and shall govern in the counting of the electoral votes,” meaning Congress must accept their slate of electors.

Alito asked Pennsylvania to file legal papers addressing Thursday’s request by 4:00 pm on Dec. 9, one day after the safe harbor date. It’s not clear that legal challenges to Pennsylvania’s results will be viable at that point.

Republicans will file a final brief on Dec. 10, at which point the full Court would be ready to review the case. That’s just four days before the Electoral College will cast its votes. Four days is enough time for the justices to intervene if they are so inclined—and if they think the safe harbor deadline can be set aside. But it is not unusual for emergency appeals to linger on the docket for days once legal papers are submitted.

Once the Electoral College electors cast their votes, the Trump campaign’s legal challenges will have likely been exhausted.


  1. I do really think that the Supreme Court is very hard and President Trump when they know with no doubt of mind that there was fraud it’s in black-and-white it’s written on the wall even. I think the politics today and the government sucks. Just because he is not like them they treat him differently and that is completely wrong in my eyes and in gods eyes. Nobody is perfect but God. You don’t even give the poor man a chance to begin with. There is so much fat out there nobody wants to come forward and say yes you’re right there’s a lot of fraud and it was not the American way people voted for him mainly and Biden he is like to me he’s a cheater and he’s a loser. Voting for one thing it’s up to the people and just the people. What the votes that was for President Trump should not been lost or destroyed so if you kind of look at it he actually won President Trump won a loser is always a loser when they cheat no matter if they begin to lose or not. The Democrats are all assholes they’re not even human to do what is right things To do that are fair in which supposed to be submitted to accomplish votes to be counted Fairly. I am very disgusted and the Democrats want to act like babies and pout and have tantrums that they don’t need to be an office. The trouble with them are they like to lie they like to cheat their offer themselves. From a disgusting American who I thought we were going to get better in time because of President Trump give him a chance give him justice and justice for all and that includes people like us who voted for him and I mean President Trump.

    1. I AGREE 100% !!..How can they look at their LYING CHEATING EVIL faces in the mirror everyday and be okay with themselves!!..But always remember that KARMA is a bitch !!..and if they get away with this like they do everything else..that eventually they really won’t get away with it !!😬

    2. President Trump was elected because he is not a political thief like nancy and her friends / he has done more in America in 4 years then biden has in 47 years, has the impeachment paper work for biden and phony been prepared yet

      1. All the judges have been bought off by Zuckerberg and Soros. So this country is no better than Venezuela unless People rise up and take it back

        1. Yes, we need to rise up and take it back. The ballot box couldn’t do the job – it was corrupted. If the jury box can’t do the job, the only thing left is the ammo box. I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that but if there’s no other choice left….

      2. And Trump did all that and more despite having to deal with opposition from the dems at every turn for since he announced his decision to run through the Witch Hunt up to today and beyond.

    3. I am sure that all NINE scotus justices know just how extensive the fraud is. The question will be how many of them have sold their souls. How many are terrified of the power of the ELITE ONE WORLD ORDER.
      Remember Germany was full of people who knew right from wrong. There were VERY few who took a stand against THAT evil.

      1. AD Roberts
        Now not being a student of that period or place in that time in History, you apparently do not understand that what Hitler did is almost exactly what Trump has done, divide the country and convince them the media was all lies and he was the only one that would tell them the truth, and slowly got6 rid of all the opposition leaders which in Germany’s case were mostly Jews, any one who had money which might influence the Government was put down in a huge way, and if hey did not stand down they ended up in concentration camps right along with those Jews, which were not the only people exterminated, they may have been the largest single race exterminated but in all over 13 million went in those camps, and VERY few came out. Then it got to a point that you had to have papers to prove you were of Hitler’s political party to even move around the country and few could do anything because of the tattle tale net work set up by Hitler’s SS, children tattling on parents and so on.
        Totalitarianism  government by anyone definition the same thing Trump wants for this USA, where one person makes all the decision and anyone who disagrees suffers greatly from the leader wrath, a very good example right now, Barr has been Trumps Lap dog since he took office doing everything Trump wanted Barr to do to help Trump, now when Barr will not support Trump’s assertion of Massive Voter Fraud, Trump is going to fire Barr for not following Trumps lead.

        1. You appear to think you are very smart. Yet you fail to realize, he is doing this against the very people Hitler would have approved of. He is the reverse of Hitler while the left are mirror images of him. What president Trump wants is a country run by the people. If you persist in calling that a totalitarian government, then you need to retake some classes and stop just copy/pasting other’s words. Barr has not been Trump’s laptop. That is leftist spewed rhetoric. I do not see Barr jumping up and down yelling voter fraud, do you? As for the tattle network, who is asking people to tattle on their neighbors? THE DEMOCRATS! I skipped most of what you copy/pasted. Just not worth my time to read. My brain gets extremely bored reading stupid comments. The President can not, CAN NOT tell the DoJ what to do. Barr can only go by evidence given him thorough investigations, not from post it’s from the WH. Stop with the nazi style misinformation game.

          1. You are talking about the Christians who have given more to keep these demons under control. Like Hillary she has had 150 people killed and our stupid FBI And the CIA will not touch her !!!! This is the Democrats party ant they are the biggest criminals in the whole world!!! Look at Biden and Hunter hasn’t committed treason withChina and had sex with teenagers and not even one thing in the paper

          2. Colleen B.
            Now where exactly is this massive voter fraud you seem to speak o0f or imply, when both State and Federal law enforcement has investigated every accusation and were accompanied by both Democrat and Republican persons appointed by the head of ther party in that state, and not one has said they found any fraud. I can openly see you have never read anything about Hitler’s rise to power, or you would never write what you write. Now every thing that Trump has done in this USA is a mirror image of exactly what Hitler did in the late 1920s and early 1930s, make people believe the media was liars, and do away with his competition and have the others to afraid to speak against Hitler. Then Hitler started getting rid of those who might influence the people in Government, and most of those were Jews who controlled the money. Now being you most likely have never lived in an Autocratic Country you have no idea what it is like where one person controls every thing, and in the end the people who put the person in power through their smooth talking are little more than slaves with little to no rights unless you are filthy rich and support the leader. They are called Oligarchs and even they go to prison or die if they cross the leader.
            That would be a good thing if Trump would stop the Nazi Misinformation game, nearly every thing Trump says is easily proven wrong, starting with the election, not one ounce of proof of voter fraud and Trump’s own lap dog Barr is the department investigating, what kind of country is it where the very institutions set in place by the Constitution are dismantled by one person convincing his followers that they are the enemy, and in a way Trump is correct they are the enemy of anyone trying to destroy the very institutions the founders put in place to make this a free country.

          1. Worse of all. He knows he is wrong but hopes to convince someone among us to give up hope and accept their lies as the truth. There is no good in him. He is a liar and does not love Christ, the Truth, or us!

          2. Ur so backwards Floyd U need to read ur Bible. U don’t even know Christ. Trump is for the Christians. He has don’t more for abortion than any other President.

          3. Trump was the first sitting president to attend the pro-life demonstration in Washington D.C. and I expect we will see him there again in 2021. Make abortion illegal NOW!!!

          4. He’s also the ONLY president to go after child abductees. And he’s made major inroads against them, not only nationally but internationally

          5. tracker1
            exactly what you said is what makes the law enforcement job so much harder, a blow hard trying to make him self look extremely good when he is in fact showing the bad people exactly how to avoid being caught.. Flapping his lips where other Presidents have done the same thing but on the quiet as not to spook the bad guys into changing their habits and actions.

          6. Everything that I have told you is fact all you have to do is look in in the history on google and you’ll find it. Yes, I am a Christian and I’ve been going to church all my life and I’m not perfect but I’m certainly not a fool!!!!

          7. It was in the Australian news about Biden and Hunter having sex with teenagers course they didn’t print anything here in the US about it. Apparently you all I’ve been watching the fake news. The only news out there that’s halfway decent is Fox News if you’re watching anything else you’re wasting your time because it is
            nothing but lies.

          8. Martin
            Now that is amazing when I have not watched an American media broadcast with the exception of when a Congressional hearing is broadcast or a horrible thing happens. Now one does not need to watch the media to know that most posted here is sheer ignorance of total disregard for the facts in evidence and the law of this USA. I do feel sorry for the unintelligent who choose not to do any research on how things work and actually look at the proven facts, which at his moment not one bit of voter fraud has been proven in any way, an accusation is in no way proof of anything. I suppose in your mind if I signed an affidavit and it was witnessed, that I saw you killed someone and the police investigated and found no evidence of any kind, then you should still be prosecuted because I signed an affidavit to the effect you did kill someone. The law is the law and you have to produce proof that a crime has been committed, a persons word must be backed by some kind of proof.


          1. He knows Lee. He is just trying to confuse us, and destroy any hope of Justice. Don’t give any credence to what he says. He is just doing what Democrats do, lie, cheat, and steal He is a thief at heart and is trying to steal our FREEDOM!

          2. What happens when the 73 million who DID vote for Trump (not counting the millions who voted for him and had their ballots destroyed) refuse to accept Biden as president?

          3. Tracker1, that’s a great question! I believe the demorat’s are going to find in difficult to get anything approved because of Trump’s move putting Bsrrat on the Surpreme court

        3. That sounds exactly what the black fuhrer did for 8 years. He didn’t like Jews either except when they could perform their ” labor” for him. Now, fours years later, it’s looking like the ascension of our own Hermann Goring is likely. The Goebbels had been working 24/7 to keep the propaganda machines running and the previously guerrilla Gestapo, that had been forced underground for a couple of years, is stirring as they prepare to reemerge and exact revenge on all those that dared to question their authority.

        4. How long did it take for you to obtain your gender studies major?

          We see the corrupt staging a coup, making a mockery of democracy and calling Trump Hitler? Saw these tactics all over the world by the usual Marxists and their trained lemmings.

          Its sad to see so many low IQ morally bankrupt critters crawling from the sewers and projecting their goals, desires and aims onto Trump.

          Go back to your community college and pull down some more statues of Washington and Jefferson. You can always replace them with statues of your idols Stalin, Mao, Castro and Hitler.

          1. While their moral and ethical bankruptcy is a given , don’t make the mistake of thinking they have low IQs

        5. Another ball face liar. First not one person has been tried and convicted who is a Liberal or Scum-o-crat. Barr has drug out his so called investigations which meander on and on, yielding no [positive results. You know better but yet you twist the truth to suit you because you are Satan’s adoptee. You belong to his family, not God’s family. Repent to Christ and set your evil soul free!

          1. Floyd you are right in what you say. I don’t understand how any President who appoints an Official to the Dept. Of Justice shouldn’t expect them to due their Job investigating a criminal act especially when this attack was aimed at the president of the United States. Remember Jeff Sessions the Little Weasel who recused himself which allowed Mr. Rosenstein to assign Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate the Charges against President Donald J. Trump which already was set in motion prior to his election through Hillary Clinton and the Obama/Biden Administration. The Obama/Biden Administration plotted ways to try and implicate President Trumps campaign in the Russia Hoax. And how VP Biden wanted to invoke the Logan act against a 33 year Distinguished Military General Michael Flynn. This general’s Name and Family have been dragged through the MUD for Years Financially Bankrupting him totally. They approached him on a false pretense and then they attacked him viciously and threatened prosecution to one of his family members. The deep state was told that there was nothing there to go after General Flynn but the Top Officials said to continue on with the Charges against him for Lying to the FBI. General Flynn was coerced into admitting he lied, something which he didn’t do, in order to protect his son from false allegations and prosecution. This is how bad the deep state is. AG Barr Said awhile back that there were going to be no charges against Obama/Biden for the Russia Hoax. No one is above the Law as the Dems went after President Trump on a fake Dossier and every thing seems to have been swept under the Carpet. And AG Barr is assigning John Durham to continue his investigation after the 2020 election is over. If Biden/Harris get the Presidency we all know what will happen, that they will continue on their sad attack of President Trump, and all the other investigations going against the Democrats will disappear. So I personally hold AG Barr for allowing this ruthless attack on our President and our Democracy to continue forward. Every time it seems that the truth will be coming out it all the evidence disappear from sight. I don’t trust our FBI and our DOJ as they seem to be protecting the Corrupt Politicians backed By the Radical Left Billionaires who want to run and ruin our Country. Look at Ilhan Omar how the hell was she vetted to be able to get a Congressional seat when she had a shady past. One for lying to enter our Country and another Radical Liberal who takes some of her campaign money to pay her now husband for Consultation fees. When things start to get so far out of hand, and it is in our History, that an insurrection arrives to Neutralize the Corruption that has come about. Wake up America as this Radical Democratic Party is trying to divide our Country into two Divisions, the wealthy Elites and the poor. So the middleclass will be joining those in poverty to a lower level than we have ever seen in poverty. Stand up and fight for a Fair and Honest Election.

          2. BARR drug them out???? What about the THREE YEARS the Left drug out THEIR investigations of Trump and anyone around him…………………….based on pure BS?

          1. It was the minions of the Clinton Obama Cabal and the Clinton Network News who divided the country. Trump didn’t divide the country any more than Obama united it. Trump was just too much of a realist, and not so much of an egotist as to believe that he had everybody’s support–as long as you don’t count the ones who oppose you.

        6. What the hell are you talking about President Trump came into office with the Idea of limiting only two terms for the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate, as it is for the presidency. The longer the Politician stays in Office the More powerful they become along with gaining enormous wealth at the expense of the Middle Class and the Poverty level Class and continue to make the elites wealth grow quickly also. First Robert what theories due you have on how our Country should be run. Maybe by a 47 year Veteran in Politics who was known for being in favor of segregation as he felt he didn’t want his pristine children having to go to a JUNGLE SCHOOL. Now if that isn’t a Racist thought and plan I don’t know what is. Also for the next Illegally elected Choice for the Presidency who has compromised his Family and himself with China, the Quid pro quo with Ukraine, being part of the dealing with Obama and Hillary trying to stop Candidate Trump from Running for the Presidency and after being the Duly Elected President they continued to Harass and Charge him in every conceivable way to try and unseat him from Office. Now Robert put the word Totalitarianism government where it belongs, with the Corrupt Democratic party. President Trump has done more for the Poverty and middleclass people than any other President in our Nations History. Back to your word of Totalitarianism, the Democratic party has done nothing for our Country in the last 4 years by not doing anything to improve conditions for our American Citizens. The Dems have spent the last four years with every false allegations they could conjure up. President Trump made his fortune with gains and losses like any other entrepreneur and not by feeding off the cash cow we have had in our Government for years. The Radical Democratic politicians should trade jobs with us so we can get wealthy and live better.

          1. I suspect that most of the $4 billion Obama gave to Ukraine along with the $5 billion from the World Bank and the EU went into Democrat Party coffers.
            That’s one of the reasons the Left tried to impeach Trump for investigating it.

        7. Actually its Obama that was doing while in office and still doing while running shadow govt in DC, is dividing ppl! This country was fine until he sowed seeds of racial unrest between police and black males, now between whites and blacks and everyone of color against whites! Obama has been causing chaos in Trumps administration as well, Comey, Brennan, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Rosenstein, Vindman, Schiff, Mueller, all of these ppl were working with Obama/Biden to destroy Trump cause they knew all their crimes in office would come to light, and now they’ve completed the biggest fraud in history to steal Trumps landslide election to stop themselves from being indicted and prosecuted in military tribunals!!

        8. To quote a famous guy. “Stupid is as stupid does.” You are correct but have the wrong party and person. This has been the dumercrates agenda for generations. Hail Hitler comrade

        9. Everything you say is true, EXCEPT that his name isn’t, Trump; his name is Biden. Biden, Pelosi, Soros—that’s who you’re really meaning Robert

        10. Wow, Robert you write really well for someone who obviously can’t read or understands truths or facts, come into the real world and maybe we can help you out

        11. You are a socialist and want the government to control everything. Trump wants all Americans to succeed. He is for freedom. You are a filthy liar and I would love to shove the U.S. Constitution right up your lousy ###.

        12. It was Obama that divided the country. Starting with his “….clinging to their guns and bibles” comment.
          He also supported the rioters.
          Blaming Trump for all that just shows a lack of honesty and a lack of abliity to process events as they happen.

        13. Robert, when TRUMP Supporters Have FINALLY had ENOUGH of this Bullshit and WE take to the streets ARMED to ENSURE OUR Government SURVIVES should WE keep an AOC RECORD of ALL DEMS? You HAVE to Either be BLIND or COMPLICIT in the Biden/Harris LIE to Believe they WON, and if YOU are then there’s NO HELPING YOU! WE the PEOPLE outnumber YOU the LEFT Overwhelmingly and WE’RE almost Fed up with the LIES!!! The LEFT has Pushed US too Far and when WE lash out, ALL the SCUM WILL BE REMOVED/CLEANSED! God PLEASE GUIDE us to WHERE YOU WANT US! GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸!!!

        14. You fools have it all backwards!!! It’s the Democrats that is playing Hitler!!!! Obama said it plain ‘That we the people are not smart enough to make decisions for our selves’!!!!! You must be Democrat with head stuck in the ground and letting and believing everything these fools are telling you!!! Open your eyes fools!!!

      2. In my opinion we should stop all ads in reference to anyone running for Political Office and only have the Candidates do several debates with their opposing party candidate. All the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars spent to Vie for a Political Office through ads or buy an Election through Monetary bribing. I shouldn’t have to donate money to be able to vote for my choice and the Billionaires that pay bribes to buy votes or even to buy Politicians to do their bidding making both the Politician and the Billionaires richer. The only voter reform should only allow Mail in Absentee ballots that are properly Vetted as Legal ones. Personally I think there ought to be a small group of Voting Counters at any of the Voting Places. We need honest hand counted votes instead of a machine that in the least could cause a Glitch disruption and possibly human tampering to manipulate the Voting Count. What I suppose is that the Elections start earlier and End earlier to give such a system as hand counting to be done fairly and honestly by a small team at each site instead of 40 or more people moving Votes around to who knows where. We should have Canvassers from both Political Parties working side by side checking each others tally of Votes. These Votes should be approved by each party one at a time And then these Votes should end up in a secure holding bins at he end of their stations one Bin for Democrats and one for Republicans and once filled with the tally number attached they should be sealed for security. Apparently we should have someone with properly vetted Credentials manning the Bins to make sure each vote goes into the right bin of each Candidate. So if we have such setups at say 20 tables we would need a total of 60 people to do the vote counting at each location. And most importantly stopping the movement of ballots to several different locations, inside the Voting stations. Also all legal voters should have a credible form of identification. Its time for us all to elect our representatives instead of big money buying the election. By the people for the people. Amen.

        1. Even more important, I think we’d do well to ban ANY campaign funding for local/state offices from out of state.
          That would put a stop to people trying to buy election, such as what happened in Oregon concerning gun laws.

      3. They may as well have the courage to do their jobs because if America falls to our enemies the SCOTUS Justices will be out of work and probably executed.

    4. I’m sorry you are feeling that way, you will be better off stop watching Fox News and OAN …and drinking the koolAid, you are a lost case and human waste, your brain is not functioning correctly, move to Russia and you will feel great.

  2. If the Supreme Court refuses to look at the evidence before making a decision we can easily come to the conclusion they are part of the deep state who wants to continue business as usual where leaders of both parties are getting rich off globalism. Anyone paying attention knows there was massive fraud and for the Supreme Court to essentially sanction fraud sends a powerful message… Republicans… you need to get better at fraud or forever be out of power.

    1. That’s not the message. Trump needs to declare Marshal law. Have the Military arrest all the coup criminals from the Russian Hoax and the fake Ukraine BS to Hunter’s laptop and Joe Biden’s openly cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party and the treasonous acts of Bill Barr and Durham. All these people need to be arrested and put on trial in Military Tribunals because our court system is corrupt. They need to be aware that if convicted the punishment for their crimes is to go before a firing squad. Give them an option, talk and you get life otherwise it’s the firing squad.

      This is about saving our Country. If the Supreme Court won’t here this case then an investigation of them needs to be started, because they were bought off if they refuse to hear the case.

      If Biden takes office there needs to be a revolution like 1775 because they want us dead.

      1. I do not know how exactly the Marshal law scenario is applied but if possible as a last resort against a Biden / Harris conspiracy I am definitely all in. Even to the point I could be deputized or enlisted to enforce the terms within my area because this is a fight for my government and American way of life. Although I know it has it’s own set of issues this is the only America we have and a bunch of totally ignorant, radical, power hungry sociopaths who’s only redeeming quality is that they can die need to be stopped in order to save the union.

      2. THIS REPUBLIC NEEDS TO BE SAVED! The only way is for President Trump to declare Martial Law and arrest all the traitors he can find. There is no other option.

        1. Ricky Venti
          You mean just like Hitler did prior to WWII, arrest and jail the opposition, you see how that turned out. When you only have one side of anything it will become an Uncontrollable Horror which you would not like in any way, ask those who live in that type of Autocratic countries like Turkey, Egypt, Russia, a nd many other countries.

          1. @Robert I’m just wondering do you not realize that these Eliteist Democrats have been telling Americans for 30 years that it doesn’t matter what the people want we are going to do what we decide. They have been stealing elections from good honest people for years. Giving Billions of Tax payer money to other countries, while Americans suffer.
            Are you just to ignorant of reality to see what has been happening for 40 to 50 years.

          2. S a coup, 4 years of slander and a stolen election are not uncontrolled horrors? We all know what you are and what you desire for the Republic. Take your Antifa/BLM bs and tell it to the Marines.

          3. I love the progressives who censor all voices who do not march in lockstep, who close church gatherings as dangerous but allow strip clubs and casinos to operate. These close down small businesses and allowing families to go bankrupt while allowing their patrons in big business to operate freely. The kind of people who cheer on Antifa/BLM burning, looting, killing, assaulting the old, the weak, the isolated while condemning the police.

            The kind of morality that makes Marxists take the knee of felons and druggies while ignoring the firemen, police and soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for this nation.

            We can understand you desire for gulags and the horrors that Orwell warned us about.

            Orwell intended 1984 as a warning snowflake, not as a how to book.

          4. The Left isn’t leaving us much choice. They’ve stolen out soapbax (twitter,facebook, google), they corrupted out ballot box………………………..that only leaves us with our ammo boxes to preserve our freedoms.
            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by t heir Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their JUST powers from the consent of the governed, That when ever any For of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is th Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its power in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…………
            ……………………..But when a long train of abuses and ursurpations, pursuing invariable the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is t heir duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security” Declaration of Independence

          5. That is what your sorry crowd has already suggested. They have falsely arrested Trump supporters. Falsely accused him of using Russia to be elected. Already they have said they were making BLACK LISTS to punish Trump supporters and make it difficult for them to get work. Already they talk of taxing our weapons and confiscating them. Before you try to remove the beam out of our eyes, try removing the mote out of yours.

          6. Robert,
            And who is it TODAY that’s talking about ‘reprisals’ and ‘re-education camps’ for Trump supporters if the Left wins this election?

      3. Marshall law is not the answer, what is as the powers enumerated in law – is that militias must be formed to take out the hethen scum. That means political, academic and ideological filth out there. The ones that are caught go before a tribunal of military and common folk. Found guilty with crimes against America – a brick wall and bang bang shots ring out…

      4. Hanging traitors goes a long way to restoring justice. The tricky part is that the top law enforcement agencies are in the hands of those who need to be hanged.

      5. But only as a last resort. However, as Schumer and Piglosi are so fond of saying, “we aren’t taking anything off the table.”

      6. What makes you think that what you describe is not already happening?? Prior to any major storm event, there is a scurry of creatures as the pressures change . Then about 12 hours before the storm hits….. there is dead quiet !!! I believe that President Trump has been on top of this since 2018 and the trap is sprung…the creatures are scurrying…soon there will be the deafening sound of silence as the end game is played out….and President Trump declares checkmate !!

    2. In the old days tar and feathers, and then ride them out of town on a split rail was very popular. It could be that way again if they keep up their lying and cheating.

    3. Brice you are right on target, and when this corrupt Election is decided we who have any sense of decency will know just what took place before everyone’s eyes It is my belief that this has been planned for a long, long time back to when the Clinton’s lived in Arkansas, The One World Order was alive and well with the Elite of our country and elsewhere planning to rule this our God given country. We must pray like never before for the Lord to save OUR COUNTRY and FREEDOMS, I never in my life thought I’d ever live to see what s happening today and fear for my Grand Children and Great, Grand Children. I am begging my Children to NOT allow them to go to College.

  3. I can’t see the US Supreme Court rejecting an appeal to void election results in the face of such a clear-cut abundance of evidence of widespread electoral fraud, no matter what normal-year deadlines may have passed. If the preponderance of evidence shows that the election was stolen in the six disputed battleground states, the Court is sure to void the highly tainted results in these & pass control to the House of Representatives, where the Constitution mandates that each state votes en bloc to select the next President. This means that each state gets one & only one vote. As for the the Vice President, it’s left up to the Senate to make that choice. This means that Republican are in the majority in both votes, & basically assures that Donald Trump will get his well-deserved second term in office. Joe Biden will not win the White House, but may very well find himself in the Big House.

  4. Well what I’m reading looks like there throwing out our constitution that has worked for two hunderd years we’ve got to start pushing back on these dems if you remember what one President said in 1960 Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You Ask What You Can Do For Your Country that’s exactly what our President Donald J Trump was doing for America he asked for nothing but the best for our country people we have to stand up and fight our rights United We Stand Divided We Fall I’m 68years young to start speaking chinese Wake Up America

    1. That was said by John F. Kennedy in his inauguration speech of 1961. President Trump was friends with his son, JFK Jr.

    2. that good but we don’t want what happened to JFK happen to Trump but we need to start standing up to to the demonrats maybe start trying to get rid of him the same way they did Trump other wise this nation will go down the tube

  5. I agree Jackie, all is not lost though. President Trump can still declare Martial Law and have a new election with NO machines.

    1. The selection of Martial Law & Military Tribunals could define” if we are or will ever be ” the Republic that has functioned as the basis of our Nation. .None of us are perfect but the Military is the best solution due to the FACT that they are held to “be responsible ” and punished for their ” misdeeds ” which is MORE than the conflicts between Republicans & Democrats .

  6. If the Supreme court does not take this up we Americans have lost true Justice in the USA. It is facts that FRAUD has been committed and ballots have been added and deleted. This should be enough to raise the eye brows of every US Citizen of the USA and more so the US SUPREME COURT JUSTICES..
    If I had my way every State that has been called into question should have a full recount with one Republican and one Democrat at a table monitored via camera(s) and one overseer from each party at each table used to count the ballots and to make sure ALL ballots are worthy of being counted. Each person Dem and Repb will call out the name the vote is being logged to.
    That would be the absolute fare way of doing this.

  7. I think some actors on the SC are in the pockets of the democRATS! You can see the path they are on when kavanaugh and roberts sided with the state of Pennsylvania against President Trump’s request. I really believe if it does go to the SC, kavanaugh and roberts will side with the three democRATS on the SC giving a 5 to 4 vote against President Trump! I pray not but I think they will screw over President Trump and hell with the Constitution. Some are TRAITORS!

  8. If the supreme court will not do anything to stop the certification of Pennsylvania’s fraudulent votes they are as guilty as the dems .

  9. Obviously, the Supreme Court no longer is seeking justice. The court is reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s judicial system in facilitating Hitler’s take over the government. They are colluding with the socialist take over of our government and denying the 74 million people who cast their vote for President their inalienable rights. The DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA are also so corrupt and are also in bed with the Biden/Leftist and have used their powers to bring down our democracy. Include in the above, the deep state — 5th columnists and the fake news.

  10. This election is a massive coup with all the Deep State bad actors conjoining to steal it away from Trump. Anyone who thinks there was not massive fraud is either too stupid to understand our voting laws or they are totally partisan, America-hating morons that are all too happy to win at all costs….no matter how much harm it does to the country and the Constitution. These people are forcing a civil war as 74 million Trump voters have had all they can take after seeing Trump falsely vilified over the past 4 years and watching out of control Progressives destroy cities and create anarchy with no consequences. When it becomes obvious that the government is no longer “of the people and by the people’ then it’s time to have a reset….whatever that looks like. But those of us on the Right cannot stand by and watch all these Lefty loonies totally destroy America.

  11. The Supreme Court needs to totally investigate the fraud that has gone in the Presidential election. Biden is totally corrupt. I for one will never acknowledge that Biden and Harris won this election fair and square!!!

  12. There have been regular people like us that has been arrested and put in jail all over this country because they got caught in Voter fraud but now we hear that all the law’s are made for us not politicians really pisses me off. Right now almost every state in our country has reported a lot of voter fraud and there are car’s and trucks full of votes being delivered to some states after the place closed and IS ALL IS FOR BIDEN , and not one has said what the truth is Biden and the democratic/liberal party and the liberal media have been working on a plan to take over our country for years and a good example was both of Obama’s election’s so many voter fraud was every where and you would hear Obama won a total Republican state , only an idiot would believe that crap and there was states that had maybe 1 vote for the Republican and they actually believe that everybody in this country wanted a cocky idiot like him and remember back the voting machines were just as bad but everyone just let it go because they were afraid what the liberal media and liberal party would do to them and their families if they mentioned Obama stealing the election and we know it he did steal both the election’s and the view of masses of people that came to see Obama get sworn in was a bunch of BS, they paid people all over this country to go to the function and all those riots they are all paid and travel around the country and world to riot or worse and those happy , happy liberals in all the streets on election night where the liberal media crowned Biden king , he isn’t and will never be president but the truth is all of those people were already there and was ready to riot so they were paid to riot or celebrate depending on what they needed to do. Why hasn’t anyone stopped these dirty politicians before now and WHY HAVEN’T REPUBLICANS BEEN OUT THERE FIGHTING FOR THE TRUTH instead of letting liberals and their media keep running over them and destroying our party. Look at what liberals and the liberal media have accused us of being for years, racist, Hitler and Nazi’s and that’s all we ever hear from those goon’s and the real truth is the once democratic party has died out years ago that name is being used to make people think they are the good guys but its liberals that took over the democratic party and they are real Communist and everything they say and do is what Hitler and the Nazi’s did years ago, but now it won’t be just Jewish they send to death camp’s its Christians and Republican and Conservative , the things liberals care saying online they wanted done to us should scare everyone , they are evil and dangerous and that one Hollywood liberal who keeps wigging out said on election day that its their turn and we need to start worrying about what is going to happen to us now and he said it with pure hatred they all talk to us with pure hatred . Its 2020 now and voter fraud and rigging voting machines and ton’s of other dirty politics should be in jail not crowned president. I wonder if we have any rights , you know honest people , can we do something to stop these freaks from destroying our country and killing us, I want the highest court in the land to tell me why we’ll go to prison if we get caught using voter fraud but politicians can do the worse voter fraud in history and use the fake votes to steal an election I want to hear them say why Biden and the other liberals involved in this massive voter fraud to steal an election isn’t being arrested or going to prison. If we can stay honest then they better to or crawl back under their rocks. What can we do ??? Start a petition across this country saying why isn’t Biden and the rest of them in jail and prison, if we can get arrested and go to prison for the same crime is wrong , we need to let them know we won’t accept this double standards and we won’t accept Biden AT ALL !!!! Any ideas people , how can we file a lawsuit demanding answers about the double standard involving voter fraud where we go to prison but dirty politicians get made president, we want answers. One last think I think Biden, the liberal party and the liberal media and Clinton and Obama knew from day one what was being done to steal the election and I think they all knew Biden was good friends with leader of China , last summer Biden visited there and 2 weeks before election day there’s reports of a virus in every state its as though it was planted in every state, liberals go the virus because they wanted to make sure Trump get the blame, he never. but it was Biden and the liberal party with the help of the liberal media worked TOGETHER to get the virus, steal the election so they can take over our country. Well I’m not going to accept Biden and a lot of us are talking about their state leaving the union, if they do my family is going with them !

  13. We’ll see if five members of the Supreme Court have the courage to rock the boat and decide contrary to the news media. We know Chief Justice Roberts doesn’t have that courage, as he has demonstrated several times in the past. If the basic laws of the Country and the Constitution have been violated, the Court certainly has the power to order whatever remedy is appropriate, regardless of the timing.

  14. Do the right thing, American is the land of the free and the home of the brave, be brave and do what’s right, my Dad fought for this Country and passed from Agent Orange. If he and all the people who have sacrificed their lives for us, honor them. Please I beg you!

  15. The solution is obvious. The Supreme Court has got to order a new election in the disputed states where there are suspected irregularities. These elections must have signature verification. All counting machines under 24 hour surveillance with all machines locked and sealed until the election is called . The same safe guards for vote counting areas. No ballot drops after hours or suitcases allowed into the building. Disputed mail in ballots must be held off to the side and not counted until all parties are in agreement of status of ballots.
    This is only thing the court can do to guarantee to both sides the election was fair.

    1. The voting machines must be blocked from the internet and USB ports sealed. recounts only count the same fraud votes. Re-vote is the only answer.

  16. We are about to see just how many justices are corrupt. IF we come to anarchy, this will be important as any revolutionary forces will need to move to remove traitors. I am just glad I am too old and out of it to be involved. IF I am lucky, I will be with Jesus very soon.

  17. Oooo….. you Marshal law dimwits convinced me with your erudite legal postulations, especially since it’s martial law. You really know whereof you speak. Go back to preschool and start over.

  18. When We the People take over the task of righting these wrongs, the blame can be put on the shoulders of the SCOTUS for failing to be smart enough to recognize treason when it is kicking them in their ass! jwstx

  19. Well, keep in mind that if the court doesn’t have the testicular and moral fortitude to do the right thing to save the republic when the crucial moment arrived, the neither deserve nor will they have any protection as the Tree of Liberty is watered.

  20. The Supreme Court should do ALL in it’s power to expose the worst FRAUD in America’s history. President Donald J. Trump WON, millions of FALSE votes for habitual, life long LYING, scheming Joe Biden were stolen, there is film to prove it. PLEASE DO IT to save our beloved country!!!

  21. When there is a definite cheating in election ,Supreme Court can simply say so . It will be quite controversial,but that is why we have them.

  22. If this analysis is accurate, which seems questionable, we are witness to the scale of fraud and corruption deemed permissible by the elites of this nation. They lack of integrity, honor, and duty calls out to any sensible citizen that does not desire to bear the chains of slavery and tyanny to revolt and build a new government free from such corrupt and treasonous sewer dwellers.

  23. If the Supreme Court fails to rule or refuses to act upon this fraudulent mail in vote it means one thing and one thing only. It means they are worthless and have sold out to the crooked Democrats and the crooked Multi-Billionaires. What they want means more to them than that of us so called average citizens. It means they have succeeded in stealing the election, or buying it, same thing. It means our vote means nothing unless we vote the way the Elite rich folks want us to vote. It means we are second or maybe even third class citizens. It means they are our Masters and we are their Slaves. Freedom and Justice will be NO MORE!

  24. The present fraudulent voting system must be addressed before a decision is executed by the Supreme Court, or any Court (And there is a ponderance of evidence of voter fraud). To ignore voter fraud only serves to takes the power away from the people and hand it over to the politicians whom are supported by big-money and 95% of an extremely politically prejudice news-media. We must plead with our Supreme Court to first weigh the phenomenal amount of fraudulent voting activity that has been uncovered via hundreds of witnesses, and expert testimony. There are also 74 million Americans that can be disenfranchised if the fraudulent ballets and other fraudulent activity are not addressed by the courts. If we do not restore confidence in our election-system, this country will fall into the hands of tyrants, cause civil unrest, lawlessness and possibly long-lasting civil disobedience… We lose an honest voting system, we lose the country!    US VET & Member of the American Legion.

  25. The article above they filed the paperwork a day late. If we are following the letter of the law then the Supreme Court will not hear this case that is before them. Okay we know that there is massive fraud but my question who (democrat or republican are going to step up and clean this mess up so that elections are secure?

    My opinion is that the federal government needs to come out and put guidelines on these states regarding election of our president. States whose leaders have no ethics or morals will always try to circumvent the truth of the voter when they gain power.

    Why can’t both parties declare an answer for the truth? Wouldn’t we (the American People) then have faith in our leaders?

  26. The only hope for the USA is for SCOTUS to send it to the House of Representatives. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona election counts are too corrupt for the results to be honored by counting those electoral votes. This has been evidenced by sworn and unrefuted testimony in all of those states. In Georgia it was documented on security video. I understand at least on county in Pennsylvania counted enough more absentee votes than the number of absentee ballots sent to voters. Wayne County Michigan, like Georgia, counted (or possibly created) absentee ballots when observers were locked out in sufficient number change the results if disallowed. Therefore, the results from those states are tainted beyond a morally acceptable level. Given that those states have chosen go forward without correcting the certifiable fraud, their electoral votes should be voided. The Constitution dictates that if no candidate gets a majority of electoral votes the the House of Representatives elects the President. If we are still a Constitutional Republic, that is what SCOTUS must due. If they fail, our federal government is nothing but a banana republic.


  28. Obscene how Courts are fully aware of voter fraud, but suffer from an overriding desire to protect the Deep State & Globalists. Unforgivable. What a relief that Pennsylvania is ONLY one state in the electoral college. By the end of the week, Trump should have Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin & Georgia (once ballots dumped on CCTV cameras get struck). It’s a race to the finish, but we can do this, people — even without Pennsylvania.

  29. President Trump fought so hard for 3 of his nominees to be appointed so I think it’s time they fight hard for him.

  30. We must protect this Nation at all cost, even if it means our life. We can not let our children or grandchildren down. We can not depend on our Justice Department to do the right thing. It seems they too are as corrupt a our own Government. President Trump has shown us just how corrupt the government is. It is time to start over with a whole new Congress. Common people with common sense to make decisions for Americans moving forward. No more Lawyers, long term Community Organizers, and career Politicians. Hard working folks who know what it is to earn a paycheck. But I digress. What we need right now is to stand up to these evil Democrats. We need to contest every Democrat that won in this past election. It is possible that all of them cheated to win. Especially in California.

  31. Corruption is rampant and the average American is quite truthfully done with it. Supreme Court needs to follow the Constitution or this country is going to begin to band as they did in 1776. Follow the Constitution not the party and it is clear on fradulent elections.

  32. The Democrats have been caught numerous times cheating in various ways during this election. Virtually, every state has evidence of their cheating. So, does it matter how many votes were altered? No! In school it would mean an automatic ZERO for even one cheat. You get ZERO! And the Supreme Court should rule that the Democrats have been caught violating nearly every rule, therefore they are automatically disqualified. They get ZERO votes. They lose every office they ran for. Let this teach them a lesson. CHEATING does not pay. Next time, be honest, or don’t run for office. We need honest folks, not a bunch of cheating, lying thieves. The Republicans, and Donald J trump, are the winners. Now learn your lesson, or pack your bags and leave the country. NEXT CASE!

  33. THE DATE is January 20th set in stone as in our Constitution none of these these dates matter..Don’t listen to people trying to discourage you go right to the Constitution,oh and yes 😀 these sorry S.O.B. will be trying to push this garbage down your throat..guess why👉👿yep!!Now,the SCOTUS may make a decision but a final and Real decision would be made by the Legislators. #FUCHINA

  34. This whole thing is a Deep State and Globalist coup where big money people like George Soros, Tom Styer and Bill Gates along with others have leveraged their bets with the use of bribes and donations . I believe those in Congress are not immune to accepting a bribe from these crooks. It is so obvious that this election was stolen from Trump and yet the SCOTUS and even some Republicans just turn a blind eye to it. Their day of recompense is coming, wait and see.

  35. Hey, if states can change the rules on voting during the election year why can’t they just change the dates in the Electoral Count Act?

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