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ANALYSIS – As America’s oldest presumptive “president-elect,” Joe Biden, 78, sets up his planned national security team. Many note that most are retreads of the same people who brought us the failed appeasement policies of the prior Obama-Biden era. Referring to Biden’s reviving of ‘America Last’ advocate John Kerry, along with former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, Michael Goodwin at the New York Post asks, “Is Biden assembling an administration or a wax museum?”

Goodwin also notes that as “Climate Czar” “Biden foolishly also put him [Kerry] on the National Security Council, guaranteeing monologues and endless turf battles.” What’s worse is that Kerry’s appeasement of America’s enemies goes back decades.

Recall that Kerry was the architect of Obama-Biden’s disastrous 2015 “Iran Nuclear Deal” which provided the Iranian terror regime $500 million dollars in planeloads of cash and billions of dollars in sanctions relief, while only nominally delaying its nuclear weapons ambitions.

Senator Marco Rubio says the Biden team will be “polite and orderly caretakers of American decline.” I would argue that it may be far more dramatic than that.

Biden has said he intends to return to the failed Iran nuclear deal, perhaps since he has been locked in his basement for the past several months and may be unaware of the monumental changes in the Middle East recently brought about by Trump diplomacy.

Under the Abraham Accords forged by Trump, notes Goodwin, “three Muslim countries — the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan — recognized Israel and are establishing trade and tourist relations with the Jewish state.” Others, including Saudi Arabia may be soon following suit.

This has dramatically changed the balance of power in the region creating a new, previously unimaginable, Arab-Israeli front against Iran. Biden would ignore all that by returning to a failed agreement already “OBE” as we say in the Marines – Overcome By Events.

But nothing shows the danger of Biden’s new foreign policy team than the reaction from America’s only true existential global threat – communist China. While Trump has forged an effective, global counter-China strategy for the first time in 40 years, Biden appears intent on giving China appeasement another chance.

And China can’t hide its glee at the new Biden team, notes the New York Post. The Global Times, a Communist Party mouthpiece, saw Biden’s declared picks, especially Antony Blinken as secretary of state and Jake Sullivan as national security adviser, as proof that Biden “would bring back a rational approach to relations with China.”

Appeasement always appears “rational” to America’s sworn enemies.

The Global Times, notes the Post, also quoted a Chinese professor as saying Blinken’s history shows “his stance is softer than that of the current administration.”

Another Chinese professor said that “Compared to Trump’s barbaric style of dealing with China, Biden will take a much more civilized manner with a much more clever approach.” When America’s enemies call a planned U.S. approach “clever” It is time to run in the opposite direction.

Considering all this, many can only ask, how much does Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s extensive financial dealings with the Chinese communist regime play into Joe Biden’s China-pleasing new team, and expected “softer” stance toward America’s number one threat?

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