Delta News Hub via Wikimedia Commons

Doing his best to emulate Joe Pesci’s Oscar-winning performance as Tommy DeVito, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo bullied a reporter who couldn’t follow his perplexing coronavirus decisions:

At least the reporter didn’t tell Cuomo to ‘get his shine box’ or criticize the governor for his health department’s inexplicable decision to return Covid-19 positive patients to nursing homes filled with his most vulnerable citizens.

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5 months ago

gov. Cuomo will never admit to anything. He has his dick brother backing him up on CNN along with all the other biased dopes on that network.
For 8 years during and 4 years after I never heard one apology from Barack. No doubt the man was a genius and never was wrong so he never had to apologize for ANYTHING.
Newsom at least had the guts to say he was wrong, even if viewed as half hearted, or just plain getting caught. (No mask & gathering)
Bullying a reporter, just par for the course. This will only get worse with the Dems than get better. Michelle, so much for your “they go low and we go high BS”.

5 months ago

He is a lying, usless, think himself, scum!