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After months of violent rioting that has caused numerous injuries to police officers and citizens and cost the city of Portland millions of dollars in damages, Portland Police finally took the gloves off, striking first. Monday night, the police declared a planned march to a police administration building “unlawful,” moving through the would-be rioters’ base camp, and confiscating riot tools, before they marched on the building.

Oregon Lives reported that the new proactive technique took the Marxist protest movement by surprise and left demonstrators dazed, angry, and confused, as many of their black-clad “Antifa” marchers ended up in police custody.

The Daily Wire noted that  after the Department of Homeland Security withdrew federal law enforcement officers deployed to Portland to protect the federal courthouse, “protests moved to Portland’s residential neighborhoods, and Portland’s police department has been struggling to contain the unrest, often waiting until a demonstration becomes destructive before beginning the process of clearing streets and detaining individual marchers.”

Now, however, the police aren’t waiting for the rioters to start burning buildings.

“Several dozen Portland police moved on protesters gathering in a North Portland park Monday night even before the group started marching,” Oregon Live reported Tuesday. “The armored officers swept through the park, confiscating homemade shields and other articles…Police also deployed pepper spray.”

The Daily Wire noted that:

The raid delayed the march and splintered it into smaller, more manageable factions. When demonstrators eventually regrouped, police immediately declared sidewalks and public roads off-limits. Eventually, Portland police declared the march an “unlawful assembly” and began arresting those suspected of inciting violence.

“Twenty-four people were ultimately arrested. The vast majority are accused of interfering with a peace officer, disorderly conduct, or both charges,” Oregon Live added.

Oregon Live reported that Portland police expect that all the arrested  individuals will be back on the street shortly since the Democrat Portland District Attorney will not prosecute protesters for crimes like “interfering with a peace officer” or “disorderly conduct.”

Still, for the first time in several weeks, noted The Daily Wire, “protesters were unable to set the police administration building on fire.”

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  1. Still, for the first time in several weeks, noted The Daily Wire, “protesters were unable to set the police administration building on fire.”
    Worth it, do it til they go home.

  2. PAST time, and late for those who died and lost everything they owned.

    Glad they did it, but it should have been done on day ONE.

  3. So, IF these had been “foreign TERRORISTs” Portland, would let them “BURN, LOOT,and MURDER”???????????????? I think NOT,LIVE AMMO would have been used !!!!!!!!

  4. Democrat Portland District Attorney needs to be taken out of this picture. Once gone, these thugs have no one protecting them… The source of the problem needs to be removed from his/her job so law and order can go back to the city.

    1. Correct…the source of this problem is the politicians that will not hold these criminals accountable. Wheeler is supporting and condoning this criminal behavior and has failed to uphold his oath of office…he needs to be removed from any and all political offices. The same goes for any of those on the City Council!

  5. IF people would stop tying law enforcement’s hands behind their back and allow them to do their jobs, cities and towns wouldn’t have these problems to begin with….deviancy breeds deviancy….give them an inch and they’ll just keep on going.

    Kind of like wolves….if you kill one or two they’ll move on to somewhere else, where if you again kill one or two…. keep repeating. Pretty soon, the pack (mentality) is gone.

  6. The prosecuting attorney is the one that should be arrested for allowing these punks out, without bail!

  7. oh my…portland authorities are doing SOMETHING about these scumbags ? the city provided them their campground from which they could sleep during the day and riot and destroy at night. this should never have happened.to begin with. how sad to see the authorities sit back and let these idiots destroy property they don’t own.

  8. This is a start but to really get through to these thugs we need to start shooting some of the worst offenders it wont take long for the word that “these guys mean business! Is taking the money from Soros worth dying for? Better go back home and either set on ones front porch and draw welfare or better still join the real Americans of all colors and take a job there are many going begging for people or very soon will be again”

  9. It is the law of the land. SCOTUS ruled, decades ago, that you can assemble peacefully but are not allowed to impede on the free flow of the public without a permit. You aren’t allowed to block sidewalks or roadways or businesses or parks and you are certainly not allowed to commit violence, arson, property destruction, looting, battery, murder, etc.

  10. Long past time that this tactic should have been used. If Antifa/BLM are distributing paraphernalia for use when it turns to a riot, then it’s pretty damned obvious the intent was too Riot from the start. Now start intercepting those U-Hauls before they even get to the staging areas.

  11. They ought to send the all thugs off to retraining camps for three months every time they are arrested. No more catch and release, that is for fishing.

  12. Why has that district attorney not been arrested for Aiding and Abetting the rioters?
    That charge, in itself, is grounds for imprisonment, and removal from office.
    I normally oppose police brutality, but in the situation with those rioters, it would be justified simply because those mentally deranged Communists are unable to comprehend any concept other than physical violence. There is no alternative by which one could communicate with them. You MUST crack their heads to make your point.

  13. They ALL need to be charged with domestic terrorism! Antifa has been designated at a terrorist organization, go in and get them and shut them the hell down already!

  14. Get the water cannons out and wash the scum off the street as well as out out any fires they may start.

  15. Now they need to go after these DAs that are aiding and abetting these rioters and allowing them to go back out and commit more crimes! They should pass a Three Strikes Law for these rioters too… Third arrest you go away for a long time! Sounds wonderful to me!! Either way, they’ve really got to step up before these anarchists destroy us after the elections, which they plan on doing!

    1. Communists aren’t true anarchists. Communists are actually what the Portland rioters are. Anarchists were the plotters trying to kidnap Gov. Whitmer, which the media tried to blame on the Republicans(!?). Who’s funding these rioters? Why weren’t they being infiltrated and neutralized by the FBI, like the anarchist plotters? The FBI is all over the ‘militias’, but Antifa and BLM, not so much. Why is that?

  16. Dems just realize they need to clean this unsuccessful mess up to win 2020. If Biden wins we will have 4 years of violent, unchecked destruction out of them. Biden refused to disavow ANTIFA at the 1st debate.

  17. Put away the pepper spray. Take out the guns and shoot to kill. This is war. And it is time that our side recognized that.

  18. Who voted in the Democrat politicians? Was the vote thoroughly vetted by community observers to ensure it was honest? Who’s educating our children, our teachers, and administrators? Who’s allowing bar certified attorneys to run for public office? The people got complacent, lazy, and irresponsible. As a result of the determined efforts of a few, they got advantage over the many, and this is the status quo.

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