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A new study has revealed that nearly 40% of COVID-19 deaths nationwide have occurred in nursing homes. 

No state has a higher percentage of fatalities from nursing home residents — 81.9% — than Minnesota.

Despite that, state regulators in the Land of 10,000 Lakes are still allowing nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients.

Per The Star-Tribune:

Early in the pandemic, the Minnesota Department of Health turned to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to relieve the burden on hospitals that were at risk of being overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients. Minnesota hospitals have since discharged dozens of infected patients to nursing homes, including facilities that have undergone large and deadly outbreaks of the disease, state records show.

Now that practice is drawing strong opposition from some lawmakers, residents’ families and health watchdogs, who warn that such transfers endanger residents of senior homes that are understaffed and ill-equipped to contain the spread of the coronavirus. They are calling for more state scrutiny over transfers, including stricter standards over which nursing homes should be allowed to accept COVID-19 patients from hospitals.

Currently, even poorly rated nursing homes with large and deadly clusters of coronavirus cases have been allowed to admit COVID-19 patients from hospitals. One such facility, North Ridge Health and Rehab in New Hope, has accepted 42 patients from hospitals and other long-term care facilities since mid-April even as the coronavirus has raged through its 320-bed nursing home, killing 48 of its patients and infecting scores more.

“It makes no sense to bring more COVID-19 patients into facilities that have already failed to protect them,” said Sen. Karin Housley, the Republican chairwoman of the Senate Family Care and Aging Committee. “If it were my mom or dad in one of these facilities, I would be really worried.”

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    1. Michelle36
      I researched this, and it’s nothing but a SNAKE OIL SCAM! Beware folks! Don’t buy in to this crap! All they do is take your hard earned money!

      1. hey I am a high school drop out and knew it was a scam first time I saw one of these adds years ago

    2. Free money isn’t “free!” VERY few people actually enjoy the work they do. A small business is not work, it is a passion. Most small business owners are divorced because they only have eyes for their business.

  2. The Directors of the nursing home should be charged for Criminal Negligence causing death – they are just as Culpable as ****-era Concentration camp Commanders. They are doing this for money and expect to claim they were just following guidelines that they knew violated safe practices. Such people were hanged after WWII so why is it OK today?

    1. Killing those who are in nursing homes.
      Inviting illegal immigrants to enter the country and take our money.
      Can you see the pattern? Death to old Americans who paid taxes.
      Free money and a living for those who illegally entered the country.

  3. It is always in Democratic States. Have you figured out why placing the disease into nursing homes done only by Democrats yet? Read Karl Marx. You will see the absolute evil that runs their organization.

    1. because most people over the age of 60 VOTE REPUBLICAN, not all people in nursing homes are incompetent, some are only there for rehab or get IV meds and dont really need to be taking up a hospital bed.

  4. The communist are murdering our elderly by the thousands!
    The strange thing 90% of the folks they have murdered voted for them and would have continued to vote for them !

  5. Michelle36
    This is SO typical of my home state. And it’s scary how close this came to affecting my mom. Last year she ended up in hospice and died in July. But if she had stayed alive, and was exposed to this, I would be BUSTING A BLOOD VESSEL! These bleeding heart liberals are nothing but liars! They claim to be humane, but in reality, they’re NOT! I grew up in this state being abused and quickly learned that my life has no value. And the rare times I had supposed value, it was because it suited their own selfish purpose! I hope someday VERY soon, they will have to deal with divine justice! (Gee, I bet hades is nice this time of year!)

  6. Thank God I don,t live up there but if any of my loved ones was in one of these places I would be talking to a lawery and getting my loved one out of there

  7. With all the lawyers in this country, where is one (or two) willing to take on a class action for these victims of these dimwit states? This is precisely how the ***** began their programs of cultural annihilation. Herding the most vulnerable into clusters of illness, using tax payer funds to kill the newly born, being forced to wear masks in order to appear faceless and demeaned. How long will the funders of their crimes stand aside and say nothing? Our lives in the USA are dying.

  8. Why?? want to be sued by victims kin, lame move or trying to beat NY??
    Stupid move & bad for residents.

  9. Just another example of Democrat stupidity.
    Lockdowns have increased the calls to Suicide Help Lines by 600%+.
    Increased Suicides, planting the virus in nursing homes, killing the economy, all part of the plan to destroy the USA.

  10. Chinese virus has given these demorat run states an easy way to lighten their debt loads, and they’re taking it. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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