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While no coronavirus cases have been confirmed in San Francisco, the City by the Bay has declared a state of emergency as a precautionary measure.

The news comes amid mounting bipartisan concern that America is not prepared for a coronavirus pandemic.

Per The Hill:

San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) declared a state of emergency for the city on Tuesday amid concerns over the international coronavirus outbreak.

The new state of emergency will allow city officials to assemble resources and personnel to expedite emergency planning measures and boost the ability to deploy a rapid response to a potential coronavirus case in the city.

The move follows a similar declaration from Santa Clara County earlier this month. The declaration is effective immediately for seven days and will be voted on by the board of supervisors on March 3.

The statement from Breed comes amid stark warnings from U.S. health officials over the chances of an outbreak of the virus in the U.S.

Despite the likelihood that coronavirus will go pandemic, experts stress that’s no reason to panic or overreact. Coronavirus is easy to spread, but far less lethal. Educating yourself is paramount.

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2 years ago

basicly what this does is allow those commierats to ask for coronavirus money from the taxpayers aka federal goverment. they put themselves in this situation no way should the rest of us have to bail them out. highly likely any money they get will go to illegals.

Donald McCormick
Donald McCormick
2 years ago

I suspect that San Francisco has some of their people infected and do not want the nation informed and SO they are trying to control it even if they have to get away from the people that help to cause their trouble, because they just LET the immigration into their city and NOW they find out that those immigration people are the cause of their troubles and NOW they are trying to reduce their business of trying to reduce the trouble they are IN and make it look like they had NO trouble on their part and want to keep it that way.