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The Iranian warship ‘Kharg’ sunk on Wednesday in the Gulf of Oman after being suddenly engulfed in flames forcing the ship’s crew to evacuate.

As Fox News reports:

The support warship Kharg sank under unclear circumstances near the Iranian port of Jask, about 790 miles southeast of Tehran, semiofficial news agencies reported.

Firefighters tried to contain the blaze, which ignited around 2:25 a.m., but efforts to save the Khargย โ€“ named after the island that serves as the main oil terminal for Iran โ€“ were unsuccessful, according to the Fars and Tasnim news agencies.

Sailors were captured evacuating the vessel as the fire burned behind them, photos posted on Iranian social media showed. Video published by Fars also showed thick, black smoke rising from the ship early Wednesday morning.

Iranian officials have yet to say what caused the blaze.

The ‘Kharg’ was the largest ship in Iran’s fleet and was a former oil tanker that had been retrofitted into a helicopter carrier and logistics hub for Iranian operations throughout the middle east. The ship’s destruction is a significant loss for the Iranians and will be difficult for them to replace.


    1. Kinda sounds like a lot of oil caught fire.
      Gee, too bad. I bet the truth is an interesting story.


    1. hope it was insured. Just another “accident” folks, let’s move on to more important things like protesting future elections.

    2. To bad Biden will just give them another Ship AND a Boat Load of American Dollars borrowed from China.

    1. Under waterline Thermite mine. It does not explode, just burns. I am not a Seal and I could have done it.

  2. Has Pretender Biden offered Condolences or Taxpayer Dollars yet to help the Terrorists that want America and Israel to disappear, so they may be able to build another “Warship”

    1. I agree, the US has been developing laser weapons for a while, maybe a test case???? Hope so, let’s just call it Jewish Laser instead….

      1. The military had a 747 equipped with a laser weapon. In fact, my Flight Simulator X includes a program featuring that plane (Nicknamed the “Jet in a Box”) being tested at Edwards AFB. When I was stationed there (1976-1978), they had a 707 test bed with a large nose cone similar to the 747 doing MGTOW Configuration testing. That jet would take the entire runway (15000 feet) to complete a takeoff.

  3. LISTEN UP…GOD is Going to DESTROY the TERRORISTS. ANYONE Who is NOT a FRIEND to ISRAEl is GOD’S Enemy. GOD’S ENFORCER Can WALK thru WALLS. HE is the PUNISHER. N OONE Can DEFEAT HIM. From SamuraiQueen. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  4. Couldn’t think of a country’s Navy more deserving of this (chuckle) catastrophe.

    Now we wait for the Assattolah to blame the fire on Israel or the US.

  5. Wonder how long it will be before the Biden Administration offers them one of America’s Ships to replace this one ?We will Never hear about it so you will have to have due diligence to find out , Not if but when they do .

  6. OH WELL! STUFF HAPPENS! Just like sinking their own mock aircraft carrier in one of their channels after blowing holes in it to Scare the American Navy. Almost blocking their channel. HEY Abdu stick to poking camels and leave the water alone. May have lit a cutting torch in a fuel bunker to see what they were trying to fix. Arabs always say “GOD’s will ” and do stupid stuff. Then wonder what happened when it blows up in their face.

  7. Not sure what caused this fire but I think God is now getting very angry. Hope the sailors are alright. The Iranian citizens are also oppressed by the fanatical Mullahs

  8. Allah Snack-bar mo-fo, it is timne for a reckoning. Go meet your “72 species of virgin fish” just fish that have never tasted human flesh..

  9. I Love it, Giving them a taste of their own medicine . Maybe there should be more of these type of accidents happening to the iatola .

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