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The disastrous visit by the World Health Organization (WHO) team investigating the origins of COVID-19, has heightened concerns about the Chinese regime’s role in the outbreak and ensuing pandemic. In an editorial published by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his colleague, Miles Yu, argue that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) obsession with viruses and bioweapons research, combined with sorely inadequate biosafety at its biosafety labs (BSL) present a severe risk to the entire world.

This danger is particularly acute, they note, at its highest security biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) biolab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which I have written about various times.

In the WSJ they state:

The evidence that the virus came from Wuhan is enormous, though largely circumstantial, and most signs point to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, or WIV, as the source of Covid-19. In America, concern about the site is now broad and bipartisan. The Biden administration stated that it has “deep concerns” about the World Health Organization’s investigation into the early days of the pandemic, particularly Beijing’s interference with the investigators’ work.

To buttress their argument about the severe risk posed by China’s reckless biological research they add:

The world has known for a long time that WIV poses a huge risk to global health. Two 2018 State Department cables warned of its biosafety problems. They even predicted that SARS-CoV-2’s ACE2 receptor, identified by WIV scientists, would enable human-to-human transmission. Yuan Zhiming, then director of WIV’s biosafety level 4 lab, warned, “The biosafety laboratory is a double-edge sword: It can be used for the benefit of humanity, but can also lead to a disaster.”

He listed the shortfalls prevalent among China’s biology labs, including a lack of “operational technical support, professional instructions” and “feasible standards for the safety requirements of different protection zones and for the inoculation of microbiological animals and equipment.”

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has admitted to having a bioweapons research program. The WSJ notes that: “In 2011 China informed the International Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Review Conference that its military experts were working on the ‘creation of man-made pathogens,’ ‘genomics laying the foundation for pathogen transformation,’ ‘population-specific genetic markers,’ and ‘targeted drug-delivery technology making it easier to spread pathogens.’

Pompeo and Yu further reveal that in January 2021, the State Department confirmed that people had fallen mysteriously ill at WIV in fall 2019, and that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in fact, conducts secret bioweapons research with the PLA.

In their editorial, they explain, as I have reported before, that “the negligence at China’s biolabs, especially WIV, was so dangerous that the PLA dispatched a general to take over the facility soon after the outbreak in Wuhan.” Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s first speech on the outbreak also suspiciously referred to “shortcomings” and “leaking holes” in China’s biological materials’ security.

As a result of the Wuhan outbreak, Xi went so far as demanding “a new biological-security law” be made part of the “national-security system.”

Pompeo and Yu conclude that:

The Chinese Communist Party’s recklessness has already cost the world too much, and its obfuscation guarantees this won’t be the last such tragedy. It ordered the destruction of virus samples collected from the earliest patients. It banned the release of key data. It silenced journalists, doctors and scientists. And it impeded the WHO’s investigation. Beijing doesn’t want the world to know the true origin of the coronavirus and its serious biosafety lapses.

The Chinese government must change course. It must be open about its biosafety systems, fix its errors and curtail its dangerous ambitions. Lives and livelihoods across the world are on the line. We all have a responsibility to make sure that the Chinese Communist Party isn’t given a free pass.


  1. Always there is some who have an opinion but nothing to back it up, exactly why mistakes get made in an operation when opinions are considered and the people investigating are never given a chance to find the actual facts about this virus. Everyone should keep their mouth shut, and let the experts do their work, and publish the actual facts

    1. who are the experts? The chinese or the western worlds experts? They ALL talk in favor of their own governments be cause if they do not they will be punished by losing their jobs and other ways governments have power to “educate or brainwash” people. TRUTH does NOT mean a thing!

      1. “The tree is known by its’ fruits!” Study the OLD in order to understand the NEW! The Descernment is within UNDERSTANDING and what is ONE LOOKING for? Never to stay away from the KNOWN TRUTHS!

      2. Whatever the Chinese gained from the tech industry, it originated in the U.S. If you examine Russian aircraft, many of them resemble American models. Their Space Shuttle was a dead ringer.

    2. Many “experts” have spent the past year lying or spewing their own ignorance in the guise of “science.” . The sheer magnitude of the chinese response (disappearing doctors, journalist, scientists), the expunging of records from the WIV, the banning of travel within china while allowing international travel, the refusal to list anyone as a covid victim who was not directly tied to the “wet market” (there were thousands early on), the hoarding of PPEs by the chinese government, the declarations that it wasn’t transmissible between humans while they frantically built emergency hospitals and locked victims in their apartments to die, the refusal of allowing investigators into the Wuhan area for as year and then allowing a few minutes inside the offending virology lab with no chance to conduct a real investigation all,beg the question…. Just how much evidence is needed before someone smells a rat? This particular “lab” has been conducting gain of function research and bio-weapons research for years and while President Obama banned research of this nature in the united stated that didn’t stop “Dr” Fauci and the director of the NIH from funneling money to this Chinese lab through the back door to fund “research” considered too dangerous in the US.

  2. Unless our country does something to curtail what happened, with the pandemic virus, known to have started in China, there will be other problems with their security, of their labs. If you think this was bad, think about even worse things, than this virus being released, into the public arena. This is what will continue, to happen if China isn’t made liable, for what has been done already. The world has to see, this is a way for China, to take over the world economy, through closing down all other resources, that are competitive to their products.

  3. Gee you really think the Virus came from the Whuan lab? Fauci transferred the Research there, the US government and Gates paid for the research, in 2015 Fauci warned that Trump would face a pandemic during his term in office, Oct. 2019 Fauci and Gates held EVENT 201 to determine what the pandemic would look like, the virus broke out (or was deliberately released) in Nov 2019 and with the help of the Chinese gov was spread around the world just in time to lock down the US, destroy the economy and help rig an election!

    1. Amen, right on point. This admin and demonrats are being blackmailed by China. China will eventually let it be known how they used bioweapons to help get Trump out of office.

  4. So Biden is concerned about WHO, but when Trump removed the US from being a part of the organization, he and his party said it was not a concern. Double talk!

    1. Because they can blow us up back with nukes and would likely hand the US it’s hat in a war with conventional weapons. This is where the military procurement corruption of the past decades comes back to bite us.

  5. The world is under attack with biological warfare, there is no way to denied those facts.
    Today Tell your Congressman that you want Biden impeach for election fraud, B.Sanders won the primaries twice and he is been shunned by the dem party, no justice no peace.

    1. I believe this was very likely the product if bio-weapon research but how is Sanders the answer???

  6. Cannot trust those Chinese communists. 1918 flu pandemic was traced to China and it killed between 40 and 100 million people. What other hidden Killers do they have?

  7. . . And who did the China Virus affect? CHINA – it moved them further to the top of global control while devastating other countries in the world. Just what they wanted to do.

  8. The Chinese have always looked at the fact that they could decimate the world population and that their societyeould survive because the have a massive population and it is acceptable for them to lose 3/4 of it as the world dies from a pathogen they create.

  9. I have been saying this from day one. The Chinese party has killed a family member and several friends, and almost myself with their wreckless mutating of these viruses. They should be outlawed all over the world and burned in 2000 degree fires.

  10. Bio-Weapon #19 was just a test. They now know a common flu can take the whole Country down because of weak minded Democrats. Covid 20 is the one to worry about….

  11. I got one of those unproven opinions. After looking at it all and looking at all the ways that I have been able to imagine. The only conclusion that I have been able to conger up. Is that it was sprayed in the upper stratosphere or into the jet stream. As planes flew through them while going from one country to the next the COVID virus stuck to the planes like dew sticks to leaves. When the plane landed being covered with the virus was inhaled by the passengers coming off the planes and carried it to their destination to get sick and spread the virus. There is only one person who has been bragging about spraying what he called dusk up there. You might want to talk to him and find out exactly what was in that so-called dust.

  12. The world’s at risk from the ideology that some A’hole thinks they can screw with everybody, and threaten their lives with such drivel. Communists have consistently embarked upon pogroms against their domestic opponents, then commence expanding their influence regionally, and eventually internationally. America can stave off such influences under specific doctrines, but there’s truly no threat as long as those aforementioned A’holes don’t infiltrate our leadership, or obligate our country under trade or defense pacts.

    We could designate America an “A’Hole-Free Zone”. I’m afraid Biden would have to go……

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