Former CNN host Don Lemon expressed bewilderment on Tuesday as he discussed with a guest why discontented Americans support former President Donald Trump.

Trump is leading President Joe Biden in all the top battleground states, according to the RealClearPolling average. Conservative guest Tara Setmayer on “The Don Lemon Show” attempted to explain to Lemon that “aggrieved” Americans believe Trump is fighting for them, but the former CNN host said it made “no sense” to him.



“What’s wrong with these people? I’m serious,” Lemon said, specifying he was “talking about the crazy MAGA people” when Setmayer asked him to clarify.

“The answer to that is, there are people who have felt aggrieved and wronged in this country for whatever reason,” Setmayer said, with Lemon interrupting to ask, “for what?”

Numerous polls have indicated Americans support Trump significantly more than Biden on immigration and the economy, including an Axios/Ipsos poll of Latino voters released in April.

“Who knows, it could be whatever reasons,” Setmayer said. “They’re aggrieved. Donald Trump has given voice and credibility and a platform to their grievances, so they can take it out on everybody else and say see, ‘I’m not alone here. I have someone who’s championing our grievances too,’ and that’s Donald Trump. Why they believe that he gives two shits about them, volumes will be written about the political psychology around this.”

“People feel they’re connected to him, so their grievance is wrapped up in him,” she continued. “And look, he might be an asshole, he might be a liar, he might be all these terrible things, but he’s mine. He’s just like me, and I don’t care about those other things. He’s speaking for me. That’s a very powerful connection, and that’s what we’re dealing with. It’s crazy to me, and that’s how you get into authoritarian movements and cults and things like that, but here we are.”

Republican Georgia voters told MSNBC in a May segment that Trump’s legal battles have increased their support for him as it seems like persecution to them and the former president appears to be a fighter.

“That makes no sense for me, especially when it comes to evangelicals and Christians,” Lemon said.

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