Democrat Mayors Victim Blame for Violence They Created

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CBO Fact Checks Biden on Spending Bill

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NY Will Not Force Counties to Comply With Mask Mandates

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Mark Meadows Comes Into Focus in January 6th Hunt

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Pandemic Fatigue Will Undermine Inevitable Omicron Booster

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New Polling Shows Women do Most Household Chores

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Catholics Send 7,700 Roses to Nancy Pelosi to Change Her Stance on Abortion

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Wholesale Prices are up Nearly 10% Year Over Year

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Pfizer Covid Pill Likely Very Effective Against Omicron

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New Documents Link Huawei to CCP Surveillance Programs

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Alice Graham
Alice Graham
6 months ago

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charles A wilkins
charles A wilkins
6 months ago

The great State of Texas has a message for Biden and the democrats.
Biden has not lied about one campaign promise that was to unite our Country,that he did, more hate now, for biden and the democrats are at an all time high, so nuch so even in the great State of Texas personal land ownership has been given up by great Americans to complete the wall that Trump started. Biden has done his best to kill our spirit and our Country but now the American people are more united then ever to take biden and the democrat down. Sorry joe you have destroyed the democrat party forever, you deserve all what history will say about the biden’s .Dalt biden blames all that has gone wrong since he has been in office on the virus or Trump, what kind of weak ass president do we have? When it comes time to open his mouth with China, Russia, Iran, he becomes a total mute, what a lack of backbone, joe the tough guy has no leadership skills. joe biden the original Christmas scrooge, NOT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, only president of the red states, his title must be changed this prat public farter should be impeached in 2022. Biden the baby killer needs to be thrown out of office. The only thing real joe biden will win in 2022 is formal impeachment, for his abuse of power, corruption, violation of his oath of office, lack of national security on our borders, federal and State law violations, lack of proper protection and correct use of our natural energy resources, failure to protect the public, with run away national organized crime, self created national shortages, mismanagement of our economy causing high inflation. Mismanagement of tax payor monies in too many areas, lets not forget to mentionthe tragedy Afghanistan losses of our military equipment, along with the unnecessary of loss of life. Accepting gifts money from adversarial countries with pay to play violations.Turning your back on the Cuban people after they asked for help, promoting electric battery vehicles use by attacking our current resources when what your seeking, won’t be available till 2050 so says your own energy secretary. biden is not the only one looking towards 2022.