Facebook Admits in Court that its ‘Fact Check’ Labels are Opinions

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Americans Believe Convicted Criminals Spend too Little Time in Prison

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Kentucky Governor Says 64 are Dead from this Weekend’s Tornadoes

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Texas School Board Tries to Censure Republican Parents

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Boris Johnson Confirms First ‘Omicron’ Death

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Chris Wallace Leaves Fox News

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Amazon Worker who Died in Tornado Allegedly Wasn’t Allowed to Leave

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North Carolina Proposes a New Model to Combat CRT Without Censorship

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Navy Commander Fired for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

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Colorado’s Democrat Governor: COVID-19 Emergency is “Over”

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Tilly Carr
Tilly Carr
1 month ago

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1 month ago

The gist is we already knew the tech giants impact their business with their opinions and that is enough to stop anyone from using them in my opinion. What is wrong with calling, in person chats, emails instead of using these first amendment violation perpetrators? And why is it so hard for a new tech giant to enter the competition? Can anyone understand the word MONOPOLY? That is what is here right in front of the world. Break em up, bring the violators to court and sue the crap out of them. And open the market up to those who understand the first amendment if the people of this nation must have this type of correspondence.

Not being on anything but email, I am not sure why these tech communication owners have such sway in our lives? I call, I email, I connect on iphone in real conversations with family and friends but I have no need to have followers, etc.. My personal business is personal! And no need to let the nation know when I am in the toilet or on vacation. Sorry, but that is the gist of this to me.

1 month ago
Reply to  SDOFAZ

I have been doing this job for like a few week and my last weekly payment was exactly 
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Mariellen McCarthy
Mariellen McCarthy
1 month ago
Reply to  SDOFAZ

I most certainly agree with you. Facebook notified me that my account would be downsized for 6 months due to a post that I shared (I’m not the author). Pretty sick of this type of nonsense. Facebook needs to get their act together; or else they will lose alot of their base.