These 8 republicans’ seats are up for contest in 2022. Whether they are running for other positions or retiring, all 8 are leaving their current positions in Congress. The 2022 elections are not far away and now is as good a time as any to start preparing to take back Congress for truth, liberty, and the American way.

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Essie Kayes
Essie Kayes
1 month ago

Darn, I was looking for Liz Cheney to be on the list…

Right of Plumb
Right of Plumb
30 days ago

Nothing will happen if they are demorats. However, God help help the sob if he voted for trump!

25 days ago

The best strategy is that of Louis Gommert of Texas. Get the smartest conservatives out of the US house(which will swing to Republican in 2022), and get them into critical state positions to combat voter fraud in 2024.