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Hate communism
Hate communism
1 month ago

There is no new covid variant. A lied told by Dr Fauci and nations leaders to control the masses. They hate hate freedom for anyone but themselves. The masses better stand up against these traitors of the world. Fauci needs arrested for treason and murder. He lies about everything to stay in the limelight. Joe Biden is a buffoon for listening to this murderer.

1 month ago
Reply to  Hate communism

No, “Hate”, there IS a new COVID variant (actually dozens, maybe hundreds of them – which, btw, is normal for a virus, not to mention that our ill-advised quarantine actions and badly designed vaccines have made such variants inevitable). The “lie” is not about its existence but its origin and virulence. I’ve been following this story for over a month, since this variant (then designated the “B.1” mutation) first showed up in China. It didn’t get much attention, however, until people in Europe and Australia started rioting against further lockdowns, etc. and the dreaded “Delta” began to lose its capacity to terrorize. A new mutation was needed and, by golly, it showed up but only began to get publicized after it also showed up in South Africa, where the MSM (erroneously) claims it started (can’t incriminate China after all). It was also renamed “Omicron”, which acted to further disguise the fact that this was the variant which had actually started in China at least a month before (as I said, can’t blame it on China). Indeed, so anxious are the WHO and the NIH/CDC and the MSM to NOT implicate China in this version that they chose the “Omicron” name even tho’ the CORRECT choice (using the Greek alphabet) should have been “Xi”. Why did they forego “Xi”? Uh, because it’s also the name of the leader of China. SO, here’s the script: “Omicron” will be blamed on South Africa and it will be a very dangerous, deadly version, UNLESS it becomes widely known that it’s actually the B.1 variant which started in China, in which case, it will turn out to not be as bad as anyone thought and the search will continue for a successor to “Delta” so that those in charge can keep the panic going. Got that?

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Is “variant” from CDC & WHO & Wuhan labs?
Fauci developed
& world suffers again
rerun 3-20-20

Liberty Belle
Liberty Belle
1 month ago

WHO passing on the end of the alphabet for the new moniker was a missed opportunity, “Xiden” having that certain commie pitch to it. Fauci’s trademark smirk shows how smug he is having Symptoms to the Nth Power to keep the world gagged and stuck. Not having it.