More proof that CRT is being taught in schools, Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of a corrupt politician and much more on the AAN Daily Breakdown.


Chicago Shootings:

CRT in schools:

ACLU calls 2a Racist:

Pelosi’s Infrastructure drama:

Face Mask requirements return:

Americans are ready for change:

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11 months ago

Pelosi ( CATHOLIC “C” traitor ) seemed to be quite sure of her numbers.
Pelosi (Catholic traitor) stated a year ago that there were over 60 million ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS “C” invaders] (undocumented ‘immigrants’) are in the USA now. For your information, an ‘immigrant’ is legal. If you are not ‘documented’ then you are NOT legal. Pelosi (Catholic traitor) has words that she invents!
Remember Pelosi (Catholic traitor) that said ‘you have to pass it to read it’. Well, in “it”. Was the little item that every one of the 60 million ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS get freeeeeeeeee health care, and YOU are paying for it.
Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and you vote for a traitor.