The Babylon Bee, a right-wing satirical comedy account similar to The Onion, has been reinstated onto Twitter by Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

The Babylon Bee has not Tweeted since March 20, 2022, when they received a ban from Twitter. The right-wing satire account was originally banned due to Tweeting that Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine, a trans-woman and biological man that President Biden appointed, won their award for “Man of the Year.”

It’s been reported that the Babylon Bee’s unjust banning from Twitter is a large part of what made Elon Musk buy Twitter in the first place. While he likely didn’t support the anti-free speech policies that Twitter implemented, the large outrage surrounding this also showed, from a business perspective, that there is a large percentage of Twitter that would prefer to keep the social media platform they know and like, but would also like to have free speech without political discrimination on the platform.


  1. We asked for this six months ago, remember?!… At that point you were locked out off from Twitter, and Musk were not in horizon… You wanted support for your outcry, and I gave you mine then. Don’t ask for more! I hate people who when gived an inch try to get a mile. And you just doing it!…

  2. Good. With all the propaganda and censorship going on in the internet we need to satirize the stupidity. Start with Judy Gold who at Sixty was saying that the Holocaust only ended seventeen years before she was born on CNN over Chappelle on SNL. It writes itself.

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