The leftist New York state attorney who’s made a name for herself by relentlessly pursuing
former President Donald Trump and hounding former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over
alleged sexual assaults is being accused by a former staffer of covering up multiple sexual

Attorney General Letitia James is being sued by former staffer Sofia Quintanar, who alleges
fellow staffer Ibrahim Khan forcibly kissed her and stuck his tongue down her throat at a Nov.
17, 2021 fundraiser.

Khan resigned from James’ office earlier in December after an investigation commissioned by
James concluded he sexually harassed Quintanar.

But Quintanar alleges in her lawsuit James knew about the sexual assault from the beginning,
only suspended Khan for two months, then covered it up by telling reporters Khan was away on
vacation or visiting a sick relative.

“With the filing of this complaint, I hope to increase the visibility and strength of women of
color having a voice in the #MeToo movement,” Quintanar said. “We are less likely to come forward in these situations because those in positions of power have historically thought less of us.

“While I fear the effect that this might have on my career, I know that fear should never stand in
the way of doing what is right” Quintanar said. “I hope I can give other survivors the courage to
find their voice and hold those in positions of power responsible for their actions when they
demonstrate the belief that they are above the law.”

Quintanar also alleges it is not an isolated incident, and James covered up another sexual assault
by another staffer, allowing the staffer to resign in 2019 and covering up that it was over an
alleged assault.

James, elected New York’s state attorney general in 2018 with the backing of liberal billionaire
George Soros, made national headlines for demanding the resignation of New York Governor
Andrew Cuomo for forcibly kissing and groping women, and covering it up.

“(U)nwelcome and non-consensual touching” and covering up sexual assaults “created a hostile
work environment” James claimed in regards to Cuomo.

She even briefly ran for governor herself after helping force out Cuomo, before deciding to run
for re-election in 2022.

Cuomo has since filed an ethics complaint against James, claiming she and her staff violated
rules of conduct to force him out of office over his sexual assaults.

James has also used her offices to launch investigations of the National Rifle Association and
former President Donald Trump.

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1 month ago

Remember, James, the woman is always to be believed. Right?

1 month ago

All I want for Christmas is to read Soros and Scwab’s obituaries.

1 month ago

I find it heartwarming that those of us who were assaulted are finally finding our voice, and standing for the truth. Bless this woman, and I don’t understand Soros and how he gets away with so much evil,