Stand Up Against Russian Aggression

Obama and his Administration have consistently disarmed our military. He withdrew two armored brigades from Europe as well as the tank-killing A-10s. This only emboldened Putin, who seized the opportunity by taking Crimea and fuelling an insurgency in Eastern Ukraine.

We are pressed by hostile countries on all fronts, but Obama only cuts troops and appeases our enemies instead of rallying our allies. History is repeating itself. Crimea is our Sudentenland, and Obama is our Chamberlain.

We must stand up to Russia.

We fought two World Wars and a Cold War to make sure Europe stayed free from tyranny, loosing hundreds of thousands of young men and women in the process. Let's make sure that this doesn't happen again by showing Putin our strength right now. We must help the Ukrainians by sending them military equipment, and reposition heavy troops in Europe.  Source: American Action News
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Stand Up Against Russian Aggression

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