Defeat Hillary 2016

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2016 is shaping up to be most important presidential election in recent history. The left has all but anointed liberal queen, Hillary Clinton, as its nominee.

We must take action now, not in 2016, to ensure that Hillary never becomes the president! Americans, who are already hurting after eight years of Obama's radical agenda can't survive another term of Obama-era radical liberalist policies. Families struggling to recover from one of the worst economic downturns in history can ill afford to face Hillary's promised tax hikes, businesses will face increased regulations, and our constitutional freedoms will continue to be trampled.

Hillary has demonstrated time and time again that she is a failure as a leader. She has an extremely shallow record as a U.S. Senator. Hillary could not manage to leverage a political dynasty to defeat Barack Obama in 2008.

Finally, she was serving as Secretary of State when terrorists attacked our diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.

Every leadership position Hillary has held, she has failed. Obama and Hillary are pushing a destructive, liberal agenda on the American people. Allowing Hillary to win in 2016 will keep the same radical agenda going for at least four more years.

Will you sign this petition, lending your support to defeat Hillary before it's too late? The stakes are too high.

We must stop Hillary from winning the presidency in 2016.

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