Ban Public Sector Unions and Spread Right-To-Work Nationwide

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Unions were started as voluntary associations in the harsh conditions of the industrial revolution. Now, unions have become bureaucracies unto themselves who seek to justify their existence by starting conflicts with the rest of society. Unions have managed to force entire sectors of the economy to become unionized or else not being employable.

Unions are notorious for being tied to organized crime and corrupt local officials. They endorse left-wing candidates like Hillary Clinton by donating union funds. What is disgusting about this is that employees HAVE to join the union or lose their job, and violate their First Ammendment Right by supporting speech they don't agree with using their dues.

Civil servants should have no right to join unions, and especially not picket or strike. They are payed using your tax dollars and should not be able to hold hostage the very people paying their salaries.

This doesn't have to be that way. Tell your Congressman to pass a nationwide right-to-work law, and to ban public sector unions! Read more at American Action News

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