There’s been a second balloon spotted in Latin America. Currently, the balloon is being assessed as a second Chinese surveillance balloon, according to Pentagon spokesperson Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder – likely removing all credibility of China’s excuse for the initial balloon spotted in Montana.

The Pentagon has confirmed that the balloon spotted in Latin America is just one of several being monitored, while the balloon hasn’t been examined, it is being reported that the belief is that this second Chinese balloon with the intention for spying purposes. It is currently unclear what the Chinese government plans to do with these surveillance balloons, and what the balloon has access to, but there appears to be a significant concern within military and intelligence circles about their intentions for collecting information in this way.

According to Fox News:

Pentagon spokesperson Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder told Fox News on Friday night that “We are seeing reports of a balloon transiting Latin America. We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon.”

At this time, the Pentagon has not released any specifics on possible plans for responding to the balloons or any actions that China may take in response to the U.S.’s increased surveillance activity. This is still an ongoing story, updates will be provided when they’re made available.


  1. So, if they are dropping a new virus or contain a bomb,we will do nothing at all?? I guess our administration’s reaction is “oh, well”?? Would it be the same if it was a spy plane? A fleet of ships? What does it take to get this administration to make the safety of AMERICANS a priority?? Anyone who voted for democrats voted for this.

    1. Exactly right. They don’t know what is coming from it. The US one should have been taken down as soon as it crossed the 10 mile mark from Alaska. This administration is assaulting America . We have traitors running our government.

    2. This administration wont take national security seriously at All even after Xi Jin Ping-pong drops the first second and third Nuclear weapon

  2. There is a 12″x12′ picture of Joe Biden on the bottom. Its the Chicomm’s way of telling the world he a balloon head. Snarc, snarc.

  3. What is our government doing about it? Probably nothing because it might interfere with Hunter’s opulence from China!

  4. It’s a dry run for a EMP attack, are hidenbiden and his corrupt administration, that stupid to let china invade our country with this.Incompetence at it’s best.

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  6. Thank the voters. Their stupidity put Biden in office along with rinos, fraud voting machines.. Now China comes right into America and Biden can’t think on what to do without calling China first.

  7. the 2nd balloon is scoping out Latin America to find where the Chinese can deploy a massive amount of troops to invade the U.S. from the south and then Russia will bring troops across the Aluetian Islands into Alaska and attack us from the north. U. S. Patriots get ready for it is coming. Lock and Load.

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