Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer who is also known as the “Merchant of Death,” will be released in exchange for the WNBA’s Brittney Griner.

Griner has been in a Russian prison since her arrest for illegal substances while in Russia got her handed a 9-year prison sentence just over 210 miles from Moscow.

The move to exchange Bout for Griner has been controversial, as many see the move as the United States folding to Russian demands. The critics of the move may have a point, as earlier this year, the same prisoner exchange was requested by Russia and was denied. Just a few months later, the United States folded and decided to exchange Bout, an international arms trafficker for Giner, who has vape cartridges that were alleged to contain THC, an oil-based form of the component that achieves a high in marijuana. Now, Russia gets an arms dealer back with a career so hellish it inspired multiple films, and the United States gets only someone who would’ve been convicted for a misdemeanor drug offense in the majority of other countries, if tried at all.

Bout was serving a 25-year-long prison sentence following his capture in Thailand in a Drug Enforcement Administration sting operation that spanned three continents in 2008. He would eventually be convicted of conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens and officials, delivery of anti-aircraft missiles, and providing aid to a terrorist organization in 2011.

Griner had been in prison for nearly 10 months, and word of Griner being forced to work hard labor jobs while in Russian prison.

Griner has had an exceptional basketball career, and has solidified her position as one of the exceptional female basketball players of all time, as she’s one of only eleven women to receive an Olympic gold medal, an NCAA championship, a FIBA World Cup gold medal, and a WNBA championship.


  1. That is the most insane exchange I have ever heard of. To swap these two is the most preposterous action the Biden Administration has done TODAY. What about the other Americans held? This is singularly a Demonutz stunt to be able to claim that Bien has actually done something. It is Shameful and I am ashamed of our governments action.
    Semper Fi

  2. what a joke.
    we give the russians a man personally responcible for the murder of 10’s of thousands of people in exchange for a whiny, entitled, narcissistic, anti-American drugy.

  3. Should have been Whelan released first, he was detained longer than Brittany. But then again lets call this and exchange for defending the Alphabet community and securing their votes for Democrats. All Political like everything else Joe does.

  4. This proves that Joe Biden is a moron. No sane (or mentally competent) person would trade a basketball player for a terrorist. Not even close to an even trade. Obama must have advised him.

  5. Interesting this article does not mention Griner’s dislike of America and public display of contempt for our flag. Why should we leave a marine veteran there and rescue someone that does not even like America? That matters.

  6. Biden released the Black Basketball player who made a “Stupid” mistake that she thought she could get away with, because it fits with his “Agenda” to get more votes while leaving a United States Marine in Russian Prison for a phony charge of Espionage but that wasn’t good for Biden Politically as I’m sure his “Handlers” Advised him!

  7. Ahhh. They forgot the white, ma6ke Marine veteran that actually didn’t break any laws. But she checked all the boxes

  8. They traded for a black racist who knelt during the national anthem. They didn’t do anything for he other American prisoner. Is it because he white? 🤔

  9. Another loss for Bumbling Biden, another wrong decision, another blunder, just par for the course for idiot Joe.

  10. So Russia got the Merchant of Death and the USA got a Purveyor of Perversion while leaving behind of true American hero. In what sane world is this logical?

  11. Oh well done, Biden. Are you nuts letting a killer go free for someone who couldn’t care less about America and then you leave an ex marine in Russia in jail! I cannot even imagine where the he’ll your brains are other than in your arse!

  12. I guess you don’t likely the truth in any of my comments today. What a travesty this is! No truth to be found here!

  13. Good Trade Joe. Gay, anti American B ball player for a Communist ARM’S Dealer, who has MURDERED MANY AMERICANS! Even as bad as Buirdal was this site right in there! Leaves American’s brings back a ????

  14. You are a disgrace. Pandering to the far left …who actually made this decision? The trade
    was a stupid one!!! What about the Marine???? You were just after brownie points like always.
    Do everyone a favor and resign. Go back to basement dwelling. We will all be much better off.

  15. Another Afghanistan debacle! Wrong person was released! The radical black chick who hates America could rot in prison!

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