Photo edit of Elon Musk. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of Elon Musk. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

New Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted Monday that the files “on free speech suppression” would soon be published on Twitter.

Monday, Musk Tweeted his initial statement regarding the release of the files pertaining to the suppression of free speech:


Musk has not gone back on his previous statements regarding Twitters decision to censor political speech on the platform. At this point, Musk has still not released the documents pertaining to free speech suppression. However, Musk has alluded to the evidence pertaining to “free speech suppression,” and the results seem as though when the official evidence drops it will be groundbreaking news.


  1. It’s not just Twitter that suppressed the 2020 election, might as well set the record straight. Google, U-tube and Facebook, and even search browsers! They were all involved!!! And if they were true American Patriots they should come forward and confess to how they deceived the people of this great country; The United States Of America!!!

  2. Twitter, google, u-tube, facebook and the corrupt lamestream media colluded to help the corrupt, criminal democ Rat party (who cheated like hell) to take the 2020 Election. The democ Rat bastards have historically cheated to win and even cheat in their own primaries as proven in 2020. I just hope Musk can hang in there and help us take back our country from the evil bastards now doing everything they can to ruin this country. Maybe he can also get the Republican party to dedicate all possible effort to support our candidates as strongly as the democ Rats support theirs. Thank you Elon Musk…..there is no better place in the world than here in the USA……no other place to run. we have to prevail.

      1. How do you explain the math? More people voted than were on the voting rolls. We’re talking millions of votes that just mysteriously appeared. Explain please.

      2. Those two are liars! Bill Barr was given a book contract to lie about President Trump. Betsy DeVos, Amy Comey-Barrett, John Roberts, Comey, Pence and others, also received book deals to betray The U.S., her citizens and of course, President Trump. Neither Krebs not Barr will admit to all the evidence. Evidence was not allowed to be presented in court, as those suing about the fraud were told they “had no standing.” This doesn’t mean there’s no evidence, but it does mean corrupt courts and judges were in on the fix.

    1. Trump win the election! Democrats chested!! We have a vin moron with dementia as president, he b don’t know if it’s b night or day!’ Biden is also a sick pervert! B good For eldon musk take them down!

  3. Twitter and the other social media are all run by Democrats, if not socialists and communists. Plus you have to realize that Democrats have to cheat. If they couldn’t cheat, they couldn’t win.

  4. Like it or Not, OPEN HONEST REPORTING is good for Everyone! There is going to be two sides of Opinions, I don’t give a shit about “your” OPTION. TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND “NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH”! But give America, the fucken TRUTH!

  5. in 2020 twitter was ran by the commie democrat pedophile racist woke cult party and was spreading commie propaganda to affect election voting

  6. It is a terrible sense of dismay felt as what we all suspected is to be open to scrutiny.
    Hussein Obama is running the whole destruction of the US plan.
    We need a formidable, fighting, harsh President and a re staffed Senate. The SC is in dire danger and must be supported.

  7. Our Problem to regain fair and honest elections again is not only the media, and tech but our courts systems, flooded with leftest and corrupt judges, who interpret the Constitution to their liking. But musk exposing this is a start, let’s hope others wake up.

  8. Love hearing the comments to all that we all believe that these platforms are misleading in deceptive in suppressing free speech. My question to all that believe this to be true is this, why are we still using these platforms. We are the power to control them. If we want change then we have to be the change in the world. Stop using these platforms, UNITE in your freedoms.

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