You Won't Believe Why This Nativity Scene Was Removed

  • Dec 15, 2015
  • Source: AAN

Atheists like to tell us that they're not at war with organized religion. That it's the other way around, and they want to live and let live. What an absolute crock. What these extremist atheists did in Nebraska would make the Grinch blush.

An atheist group has forced Nebraska to remove a nativity from its state capitol and replace it with an atheist display.

The nativity is allowed to stay up until Dec. 18 when it must be taken down so that an atheist display can be put up. The atheist display will feature a small model church and model capitol building with a large wall between them to symbolize the separation of church and state, The Lincoln Journal Star reports. The atheist display will be up through Christmas, but not the nativity.

The Christian legal group, The Thomas More Society, sponsored a nativity last year, which raised questions about a possible violation of the Establishment Clause. This year, though, the Lincoln Atheists group preempted the Christians by reserving all the available space in August.

There's nothing enlightened about intolerance. Please keep these atheist activists in your prayers.

 Source: AAN
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