You Won't Believe Who's Speaking at African Slavery Event

  • 08/23/2019 12:00 AM
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You Won't Believe Who's Speaking at African Slavery Event
Lee District Democratic Committee [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) will be speaking this weekend at  Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia, to mark the 400th anniversary of the first African slaves in the "New World."

The event will include black heritage tours and a "day of healing" festivals.

The irony that Governor Northam allegedly wore blackface in his medical school yearbook next to a student donning a Klan outfit was apparently lost on event organizers.

According to Townhall:

An interesting choice. Virginians have not forgotten how Northam admitted to having dressed in blackface in a medical yearbook photo in 1984, before he backtracked the next day and claimed he wasn't sure he was in the photo at all. 


He's also rejected demands for his resignation, including from some of his fellow Virginia Democrats. Should he really have a speaking spot on a weekend that is supposed to encourage "healing?"

By the way, he's not the only leading Virginia Democrat to have been mired in a racial controversy. Attorney General Mark Herring admitted to having dressed in blackface in college too.

 Source: AAN
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