Will GOP Establishment Vote Hillary? Why This Insider Thinks So...

  • 04/20/2016 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff

Rush Limbaugh has a feeling abou this election: if Donald Trump is the nominee, the GOP Establishment, so madly in love with power and the status quo, will break for Hillary Clinton. On his show, Rush laid out the details:

RUSH:  Now, it's one thing for me to say it on the radio, and I have no problem.  It's true.  The only reason I said it is I have seen, and it's an increasing number of elected Republicans, some anonymously, some with names attributed, saying if it's Cruz, some saying if it's Trump, that they'd vote for Hillary.  And there's only one reason why, and that is they don't think the country's in crisis. They don't consider the Democrats and Hillary to be a real threat to their way of life, to the nation at large. They don't consider the Democrats to be a threat to the Constitution. And what's more important is holding on to what they have, keeping their establishment intact and their role in it intact.  And look, it's undeniable that they have said it. 

You've seen stories of these named Republicans, elected Republicans, a lot of senators -- I think five -- have said they're not even gonna go to the convention, even before we know who the nominee is 'cause everybody knows the nominee is gonna be either Trump or Cruz.  And they're not gonna go.  They're saying, "You know, I can do more for myself staying home with my voters.  Yes, I can stay and do a better job for myself back in my own constituency and dealing with people in my state."  It's not unprecedented, but it's weird. 

Rush is no doubt right. Many establishment figures spend more time bashing their fellow Republicans and pushing bipartisan spending bills that enrich their pals. Both Trump and Cruz would likely mean the end of that, with Trump being a total wild card. If that happens, as Donald Trump predicted, it could be a "very ugly July" for the GOP. 

 Source: AAN
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