Why Is Trump So Popular? These Numbers Tell the Truth

  • 04/01/2016 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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The new employment numbers came in, and as doctored as they are, they're also extremely telling. As Breitbart reports:

The number of foreign-born people employed in the United States hit a record high in March, according to data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the BLS, 25,741,000 foreign-born people had a job in the U.S. last month, an increase of 246,000 over the previous high recorded in November. The unemployment rate among the foreign-born population was 4.8 percent.

The BLS statistics on the foreign-born do not distinguish between people who are in the country legally versus illegally. The agency’s data on foreign-born employment is available through 2005.

Meanwhile, the number of Americans NOT participating in the labor force expanded:

The number of Americans not participating in the workforce in March dipped again compared to the previous month but was still higher than it was a year ago, according to Labor Department data released Friday.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 93,482,000 Americans were neither employed nor had made an effort to find employment in March.

March’s non-participation level continues a multi-month trend of decline after the number of people out of the workforce hit a record high of 94,610,000 in October — declining another 206,000 compared to February.

Take the statistics with a grain of salt. Some of these people are older Americans who are retiring baby boomers. Some of these people are welfare recipients who would prefer not to work at all, and some are likely ungrateful millennial brats who won't do the sort of menial jobs they believe are below their station in life. Still, the contrast is clear. While American workers face fewer and fewer opportunities in Obama's garbagefire economy, foreigners are doing quite well. Is it any wonder why Donald Trump is resonating with many Americans who have been told that they should be thrilled with a childhood tax credit and a low paying retail job that makes it nearly impossible to feed their family and retain any sense of pride?

 Source: AAN
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