What Caused Devastating Notre Dame Cathedral Fire?

  • 04/15/2019 12:00 AM
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What Caused Devastating Notre Dame Cathedral Fire?
Authorities believe an accident during restoration work sparked the flames that engulfed 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris today.

The fire turned into a conflagration, as 52 acres of centuries-old wood that held the iconic building together, fueled its growth.
France's top prosecutor has opened an investigation into the fire. (heavy.com)

The building was undergoing a $6.8 million renovation project on badly needed improvements, The Associated Press reported.



Flames were seen billowing from the historic Catholic cathedral at around 7 pm local time in Paris.

The fire did an enormous amount of damage to the structure, causing the 750-ton spire atop the cathedral to collapse.


Police say no deaths have been reported as a result of the fire. It’s unclear if anyone was injured.

Church spokesman Andre Finot said the entire structure – one of the ten most-visited in the world – will likely be a total loss.

"There will be nothing left," Finot told the BBC. "It remains to be seen whether the vault, which protects the cathedral, will be affected or not."
 Source: AAN
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