WATCH: Protesters Mess With ICE. It Doesn't Go Well.

  • 07/16/2019 12:00 AM
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WATCH: Protesters Mess With ICE. It Doesn't Go Well.
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Far-left protesters nationwide wasted their Sunday protesting targeted ICE raids aim at arresting illegal immigrants with felony records.

At a rally in front of an ICE facility in Atlanta, some of the more militant demonstrators decided to block the entryway to prevent law enforcement vehicles from leaving the facility.

It went about as well as you'd expect. (RedState)

She's either the most unbalanced person in the history of humanity or that was incredibly fake. The green hair is how you know she's a serious person though.

These are people that are so privileged, so starved by their delusions of grandeur that they have to go role play as freedom fighters. ICE are not Nazis and these are not concentration camps. Last I checked, Jews weren't illegally entering Germany and claiming asylum, given a hearing, and allowed to return from where they came. These protestors are not battling real evil. They are battling their delusions. When ICE arrests someone, it's because they have an already adjudicated deportation order. That's called doing their job. It should not be controversial to carry out lawful deportations of illegal immigrants, the vast majority of which have criminal records, didn't show up for hearings, and/or who lied about their asylum claims.

If you make a sloppy tweet challenging Congressional members on their anti-American rhetoric, it elicits wall to wall wails of racism. Those same Congressional members accusing ICE of being the Waffen SS though? No big deal. The media just shrug and defend.

But that's where we are. None of this makes sense and no one is demanding it make sense. It's all about emotion. That has mayors around the country actually telling illegal immigrants, most of which have multiple criminal violations on their record, how to avoid capture by ICE. We are quickly approach pure anarchy when it comes to immigration enforcement and something needs to be done to pull back the reigns. If the DOJ charging some people federally for impeding law enforcement or helping harbor illegal aliens can deter this, then those are options that need to be on the table.

 Source: AAN
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