WATCH: Cops Taunted During Life-and-Death Struggle

  • 08/15/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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WATCH: Cops Taunted During Life-and-Death Struggle
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New video during yesterday's hours-long police shootout in Philadelphia shows onlookers physically harassing and throwing objects at cops trying to make their way to the scene.

Philly's own Alexandria Hoff, of KYW-TV, described how a small portion of the crowd blocked off and taunted first responders. (Fox News)

"I should add -- 98% of people here on scene were respectful and concerned. That moment was just such a startling thing to see in the middle of something so chaotic," she added in a separate tweet.


The dramatic shootout in Philadelphia stretched on for more than eight hours as six officers were shot. Two officers were trapped on the second floor of the building as the gunman shot through the first-floor ceiling and outside at responding law enforcement.


After withstanding more than five hours of gunfire, SWAT officers managed to get the two officers and three hostages out of the residence safely. The gunman eventually surrendered just after midnight Thursday, exiting the residence with his hands in the air and with a police light shining on him, surrounded by a cloud of tear gas.

(Video H/T Breaking911)
 Source: AAN
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