VIDEO: Taylor Swift Calls Out George Soros for Trying to 'Buy Me'

  • 12/21/2019 12:00 AM
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VIDEO: Taylor Swift Calls Out George Soros for Trying to 'Buy Me'
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Liberal pop star Taylor Swift grabbed the microphone at a major awards show and called out George Soros by name for scheming against her.

Swift is irate after investment speculators purchased her entire music catalog in June for $300 million, and are demanding she pay them to perform her own music.

“After I was denied the chance to purchase my music outright, my entire catalog was sold to Scooter Braun's Ithaca Holdings in a deal that I'm told was funded by the Soros family, 23 Capital, and the Carlyle Group,” Swift said while accepting the “Woman of the Decade” award at Billboard's “Women in Music” show.

“The fact is that private equity enabled this man to think, according to his own social media post, that he could ‘buy me.' But I'm obviously not going willingly,” said Swift, referring to Braun and his Soros cash.

"Yet to this day, none of these investors have bothered to contact me or my team directly to perform their due diligence on their investment, on their investment in me. To ask how I might feel about the new owner of my art, the music I wrote, the videos I created, photos of me, my handwriting, my album designs," she continued.

Because Braun and Soros now own the rights to her music, Swift was unable to perform her own works at the American Music Awards, sparking a very public feud between Swift and the financiers.

Swift has become very politically outspoken in recent months, lending her name and star power to the gay rights and anti-gun movements.

The underhanded tactics of Soros may give her reason to question the liberal causes he also funds.
 Source: AAN
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