USA Shatters Illegal Immigration Milestone

  • 05/10/2019 12:00 AM
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USA Shatters Illegal Immigration Milestone
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Last month was record-breaking for the Trump administration.

But not in the way the president wants. (

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), April set yet another record, with a total of 109,000 apprehensions at the southwest border. Unless the administration harnesses this news and calls for a complete shutoff of immigration processing at the border, it’s unlikely that the numbers will fall significantly. The partial measures being pursued currently might have worked a year ago when we warned about the tsunami, but not now that we are squarely in the storm.

Has the trajectory been bent? Will the numbers go down in May? Well, CBP reported on Tuesday that during the first week in May, there were 10,000 apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley, a new weekly record. During the 30 days of April, there were 36,681 apprehensions in the RGV. It is therefore clear that the message has not yet gone out to Central America that we are no longer tolerating this violation of sovereignty.

Unlike in the past, when mainly single adults were coming over and were immediately repatriated, most of these individuals are being released. ICE has released 168,000 just since December 21, and that number doesn’t include the 33,000 released by CBP directly without ever being processed in an ICE holding facility since March 19. If these individuals are never repatriated, the lifetime cost to taxpayers, as estimated by the Center for Immigration Studies, would be roughly $30 billion.

This is the part of the crisis that is never discussed. The philosophical problem with the approach of our government over the past year is that when circumstances such as lack of detention space create a scenario where our laws cannot be implemented properly, they err on the side of the alien and not on the side of the American people.

 Source: AAN
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