Toilet Terrorists Take an American Hero's Job

  • 05/18/2016 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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Actions used to speak louder than words. In Obama's America, that's no longer the case. As WND reports:

A revered military leader, retired Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, has been dismissed from his teaching post at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia for comments he made responding to President Obama’s order to public schools to allow boys who “identify” as girls to use girls restrooms and changing facilities.

In a Facebook statement, Boykin confirmed the college’s move.

“Let me make it official and let you all know that I have been terminated from teaching at Hampden-Sydney College after nine years there. Hampden Sydney is the 10th oldest college in America and is one of the two men’s colleges left in ‪#‎America‬. Let me begin by saying that it is a fine school with some very good young men who give me hope for the future. There are also a few very good faculty members who I consider to be good friends and true patriots. They stood with me through this whole situation as the school made the decision to terminate me and I appreciate everything that these friends at the school did to try and help.”

Boykin once commanded the Army’s elite Delta Force and currently is vice president of Family Research Council. He’s also a WND board member.

He was targeted by radical LGBT activists who, through emails, telephone calls and social media, demanded the college part ways with Boykin.

Boykin said the “bottom line is that I oppose these so called ‘‪#‎Bathroom’ bills that let men go into women’s locker rooms, showers, and toilets and I have been very public about it.”

“When I said in Orlando that ‘… the first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery,’ the LGBT community once again came after me, claiming that I was calling for violence against ‪#‎transgender‬ people.”

Boykin said “that is simply not the case and I have never called for violence against anyone.”

He explained he was “referring to perverts who will use these policies to get into locker rooms with girls and women, and I object to that.”

“My statement was meant to be humor and not a call for violence, which everyone in my audience understood as humor,” he said.

“Nonetheless, I gave the LGBT community just what they needed to pressure the college leadership to terminate me and they did.”

Who is Boykin? He served as Deputy Undersecretary of Defense under George W Bush. Prior to that he overcame some physical infirmities to earn a place in the special operations group Delta Force, a unit popularized by the eponymous Chuck Norris film. For his service he was awarded a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. 

Lt. General Boykin sacrificed his life so that Americans could have trivial, irrational conversations about whether or not gender is a construct without fear of persecution. In return for his service, PC liberals just spit on him. This is an absolute outrage.

 Source: AAN
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