Tlaib Attacks Israel After Terrorists Rain Rockets

  • 05/06/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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Tlaib Attacks Israel After Terrorists Rain Rockets
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Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib wasted no time brandishing her radical beliefs after winning election to represent the people of Michigan's 13th congressional district.

In 2006, Tlaib wrote an article for the infamous, Hitler-admiring minister Louis Farrakhan. Upon being sworn in, the congresswoman celebrated her first day in office with Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer Linda Sarsour. As of one month after arriving on Capitol Hill, she still followed a Holocaust-denying Facebook group, Palestinian American Congress.

Now, she's at it again – blaming Israeli forces for launching airstrikes at Gaza militants, after they fired hundreds of rockets in an unprovoked attack. 

Per Fox News:

Tlaib leveled the accusation while responding to criticism of a New York Times headline that read: “Gaza Militants Fire 250 Rockets, and Israel Responds With Airstrikes.”

Yousef Munayyer, a pro-Palestinian campaigner, tweeted out a screenshot of the headline, which he called “stunningly irresponsible and misleading.”

Tlaib joined in, writing: “When will the world stop dehumanizing our Palestinian people who just want to be free? Headlines like this & framing it in this way just feeds into the continued lack of responsibility on Israel who unjustly oppress & target Palestinian children and families. #FreePalestine.”


In the latest fighting, which erupted over the weekend, Palestinian militants fired hundreds of rockets into Israel, while the Israeli military responded with airstrikes on some 350 militant targets inside Gaza, including weapons storage, attack tunnels and rocket launching and production facilities.

Tlaib failed to mention that Hamas repeatedly uses civilians as human shields besides torturing and killing them.

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 Source: AAN
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