This Democrat Wants to Give You $1,000 to Follow Him on Twitter

  • 06/28/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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This Democrat Wants to Give You $1,000 to Follow Him on Twitter
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Businessman, attorney and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is offering $1,000 a month for one year to one lucky Twitter follower.

“I will give $1,000/mo for the next 12 months FREE to someone who retweets this and follows me by July 4th Let's show why money is the answer & why this is the campaign for people. No purchase necessary. US citizens only,” Yang tweeted June 25.
One of the least-known Democratic presidential candidates, Yang is campaigning on a “Universal Basic Income” plan, in which every American is given $1,000 a month, which he calls a “Freedom Dividend.”

Yang claims robots are stealing everyone’s jobs and the government handout will stave off economic collapse and poverty caused by automation. Similar arguments were made at the start of the Industrial Revolution when machines began performing work, and when farm tractors were invented.

Yang also wants to create a federal cabinet agency to address addiction to media, even though nearly his entire campaign is being conducted on social media.

He also proposes naming a national “Head of Culture and Ceremony” to stand in for the president at ceremonial events, eliminating the penny, banning most plastic packaging, free marriage counseling for all Americans and a federal program to restore shopping malls.
 Source: AAN
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