They Asked This Navy SEAL If Trump's RNC Speech Went Too Far. Here's How He Responded

  • 07/26/2016 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff


In the wake of the RNC,  Former Navy SEAL and current Great America PAC spokesman Carl Higbie joined Varney and Co. to discuss the tone of Donald Trump's acceptance speech at the convention. The host wondered aloud whether or not Trump's speech was a little too extreme. Their exchange is a snapshot of the disconnect between the American media and the general public:

Varney: Who's going too far here? Donald Trump says Hillary is death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness, and the media describes Trump's speech as fascist, apocalyptic, dark. Who's going too far here?

Higbie: The left is obviously going too far because look at this - death- there's been tons of terrorism, you have the Benghazi issue. Terrorism is rapidly on the rise since she took office. Protesting?  You have black lives matter protesting and what does Hillary Clinton do? Embrace their movement as positive! I mean look, those are music to my ears but it is right on point.

Varney: You know what's going to happen next week when the Democrats hold their convention? They're going to throw it back at you and Donald Trump and the Republican Party calling them all kinds of names  under the sun. This is a pretty extreme political time. 

Higbie: Bring it on

Varney: Really? Wouldn't you just like to lower the tone a little bit?

Higbie: No, I think it needs to be...I'm waiting for that first debate, because look- Hillary Clinton is used to being the baddest person in the ring where she throws any blows and there's no logic to what she throws. Donald Trump is the street fighter throwing chairs from outside of the ring, and she's not going to be able to compete. 



 Source: AAN
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