The Media Tried to Destroy Ben Carson- You Won't Believe What Happened to His Poll Numbers

The national media coordinated a weeklong hate storm last week designed to forever destroy the threat of Dr. Ben Carson, The Scary Black Guy Who Preaches Self-Reliance — The Apostate Off The Liberal ThoughtPlantation, who for the better part of a polling month has  proven to be a real threat to Hillary Clinton. A new Fox News poll shows that the media’s “othering” campaign backfired spectacularly. Carson is now statistically tied with Donald Trump and beating Hillary by +11 points nationally.

In the poll, which was taken over the weekend, Trump stands at 24% nationally with Carson right next to him at 23%. Only 13% of GOP voters pick Trump as their second choice, while 18% choose Carson.

This is a huge jump for Carson, who just two months ago was losing to Trump 25% to 12%.
 Source: Breitbart
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