The Little Engine That Couldn't

  • 03/02/2016 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
  • by: AAN Staff

Marcomentum was supposed to be upon us. The Florida Senator was expected to challenge Donald Trump in Virginia and Oklahoma and start building momentum heading into his home state primary in Florida.

But it never happened. Last night the establishment favorite one won state- Minnesota. Meanwhile, his rival for the right to challenge Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, won primaries in Oklahoma and in the delegate rich state of Texas. 

So what now? 

For weeks, Rubio's supporters have been urging Ted Cruz, who they say has no path to victory, to drop out of the race in the interest of the party. Now that the chips are down, will the Florida Senator do the same?


As Matt Vespa at Townhall notes, Rubio has a plan:

Even though Donald Trump is expected to do well tonight, sources with Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign (R-FL) told National Review’s Elaina Plott that the senator plans to take his fight all the way to the convention in July. Many have noted that if Rubio loses his home state of Florida on March 15, his campaign is essentially finished. Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will be duking it out for second place during Super Tuesday. Rubio seems to have gaining momentum, with endorsements and access to more campaign cash, though it could be too late. Nevertheless, these whispers from the Rubio camp seem to convey that the Florida senator’s campaign team feels that Trump won’t be able to get enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

If Rubio were as concerned as he claims to be about the future of the party, he would recognize the sheer apathy that voters have for his campaign, drop out, and endorse Ted Cruz. But he's not. This is all about Marco.


 Source: AAN
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