The Liberal Media is Terrified of This Gun Toting Trump Supporter

The liberal media may be horrified, but this gun toting Trump supporter doesn't give a rip. Today, Jim Stachowiak is going to the Georgia Capitol, and he's going to flex his God given constitutional rights. As the Daily Beast reports:

On Monday, far-right activist Jim Stachowiak plans to grab his rifle and lead an armed rally outside the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta to unite likeminded citizens “against Islam and Islamic immigration.” The gun-toting activist wishes to “raise public awareness to what we perceive as a threat to our nation from Islamic immigration and refugees,” as well as “the dangerous agenda of the current administration.”

In mounting the protest, he intends to publicly shred pictures of Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the Prophet Muhammad, and (of course) the Quran.

You might have already guessed that this man is a Trump fan.

“I support Donald Trump because I like his agenda on dealing with the threats to this country — his ban on Islamic immigration,” Stachowiak told The Huffington Post on Tuesday, pointing out that Muslim refugees and immigrants are “no more than an invading horde or army” threatening the United States.

His rally is expected to start on Monday at the statehouse, and wrap up outside CNN headquarters. Stachowiak originally estimated that roughly 200 people would show up to attend, but later revised his estimate to merely a “few” protesters.

Do you agree with Stachowiak

 Source: American Action News
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