Supreme Court Shows Little Appetite for Gun Rights Case

  • 12/02/2019 12:00 AM
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Supreme Court Shows Little Appetite for Gun Rights Case
The Supreme Court heard arguments in a Second Amendment-centric case for the first time in nearly a decade this morning.

The case centers on a disputed and since-annulled New York City law restricting the transportation of firearms outside city limits.

The plaintiffs are New York residents who want to exercise their right to bear arms unimpeded beyond city limits. 

However, now that the plaintiffs have most – but not all – of what they originally asked for, the high court may deem the issue moot. (USA Today)

Chief Justice John Roberts and a silent Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh emerged as the likely wild cards in the debate over a New York City rule on transporting legally owned guns that has been replaced.

Because the city no longer blocks firearms owners from taking their guns to shooting ranges or second homes outside the city, the court's four liberal justices seemed inclined to declare the case closed. But several conservative justices said it remains unclear what's allowed and what is not.

"They didn't get all that they wanted," Associate Justice Samuel Alito said in reference to the gun owners who brought the case. While coffee and bathroom breaks apparently are allowed en route to specified locations outside city limits, he said, "It must be a direct trip. It can't include an hour spent with your mother."

The court's liberal justices said that's a question for another day. As things stand now, Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor said, "the other side has thrown in the towel."

 Source: AAN
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