Strippers Flock to Trump Golf Club

  • 07/10/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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Strippers Flock to Trump Golf Club
Shadow Cabaret is hosting a tournament at President Trump's Doral golf club. 

The strip club sponsored event, complete with dancers as caddies, picked the Doral for its "VIP environment."

Per The Daily Caller:

The Trump Organization agreed to host the tournament, which raises money for a Miami kids’ basketball program, because it’s a “worthwhile cause,” according to a statement sent to WaPo.

The event comes amid reportedly falling revenue for the Doral golf club, which last hosted the PGA Tour Doral Open in 2016, according to WaPo, citing tax dispute documents.

Mancuso assured WaPo the caddies would be “clothed the whole time” in pink miniskirts and “sexy” white polos. The post-tournament burlesque show, however, would be a different story. The event will be Shadow Club’s first tournament at Trump Doral.

Prices for the tournament include a $450 single-player package for meals, a “special gift” and “caddy girl of your choice,” according to its ad.

 Source: AAN
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