State Board: Ilhan Omar Violated Campaign Finance Rules

  • 06/07/2019 12:00 AM
  • Source: AAN
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State Board: Ilhan Omar Violated Campaign Finance Rules
By Lorie Shaull (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Last year's election to Congress wasn't Ilhan Omar's first trip to the rodeo.

The divisive freshman congresswoman had already managed campaigns for multiple officials and run for the state legislature. 

In other words, she should have known to have someone making sure of her campaign's compliance with FEC filings. 

Somehow, she didn't – and now she owes thousands thanks to a decision by the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. (The Hill)

The board ruled that Omar must reimburse her former campaign committee nearly $3,500 and pay the state a civil penalty of $500 for using campaign money to travel to Florida.

Omar was found to have used the campaign money during her tenure as a congresswoman to travel to Boston for a speech at a political rally, travel to Chicago to accept an award and attend a fundraising event, and to pay for a hotel in Washington, D.C., where she participated in an interview at a conference, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Under state law, trips taken by lawmakers must be reasonably related to serving in office, the AP noted.

Republican state Rep. Steve Drazkowski initially raised concerns about Omar's travel, suggesting that she used $2,250 in campaign funds to pay a lawyer for her divorce proceedings. 

 Source: AAN
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